12 Days of Christmas effort to help needy children and families

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Giving initiative will include Thursday launch event

A positive neighborhood garden location is being transformed into a “12 Days of Christmas” giving center, and Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs will be joining in as the effort gets underway tomorrow.

Alderwoman Coggs will join Andre Lee Ellis – community organizer and proprietor of the Andre Lee Ellis Theatre Company — and others at the DMZ Community Garden tomorrow – Thursday, December 13 – between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to help distribute gifts to neighborhood children in need. The garden is located at N. 9th and W. Ring Streets in the 6th Aldermanic District.

“I will be bringing gifts and I am really looking forward to helping out tomorrow as the 12 Days of Christmas celebration begins,” Alderwoman Coggs said. “I strongly encourage the public to come join us, or to drop off gifts that can then be distributed to children and families in need.”

Through December 24, gifts will be given away each day at the DMZ Community Garden. The gifts can be simple but needed things, such as gloves, scarves, coats, belts, socks, hats, toys, and educational tools/toys such as flash cards or books for kids and adults. Also, donations of gender-specific wrapped gifts are also being encouraged. Persons who have gifts to be dropped off can bring them to 3260 N. 9th St., which is adjacent to the garden.

Anyone can come to the garden and receive a gift, and organizers are encouraging people who know someone who might be a 12 Days of Christmas gift candidate to have them come to the garden.

No cash donations will be accepted.

Located in the Borchert Field area, the DMZ Community Garden came together last year as neighbors have worked together to decrease crime and improve the block. A recent feature on WISN-TV Channel 12 about the 12 Days of Christmas effort at the garden has boosted donations, as well as requests for gifts for specific children in need.















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