What will you do with your hands?

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As I was leaving the house for work I realized I had forgotten something. This is not an unusual occurrence and I was close enough to my driveway that I considered putting the car in reverse and easing back a few dozen feet.

As I looked in my rear view mirror, I noticed a jogger running behind me toward one of my neighbors who was watering his garden. The runner spoke to my neighbor and soon the man – who was watering his garden – turned the hose on the overheated runner.

My neighbor was smiling broadly at this runner who was jogging in place enjoying the water and the friendliness of a man who stopped what he was doing to cool off a stranger.

If you had asked the busy gardener what he had to offer a passing runner an hour earlier, he more than likely would have said, “nothing.” He soon realized that what he had in his hands was more than enough to meet the needs.

As Christians, God calls us to be good stewards of the things in our hands. No matter who you are or what your economic situation is, you have the capacity to make a difference in the life of someone else.

Your greatness allows others to soar. Your lift allows others to reach levels they could not have reached without it. God expects you to use what you have to help get the job done!

In the past I have shared the importance of using what you have to help others. This week, I am doing something I have never asked you to do before. I am asking you specifically to help our schools.

OUR schools contain OUR children so every school matters.  Whether it is a public, private, choice or charter school, we are called by God to minister to the needs of our children holistically.

If even one child is hungry, underserved or ill equipped, that is one child too many. If every church simply adopted one school and assisted in meeting their supply and volunteer needs, our educational system as a whole would improve.

MCJ and our founder, Mrs. Pattillo, have led the charge by providing countless scholarships for students. What will you do with what’s in your hands?


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