C.A.A.S.S.H’s Black Family Drought

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By those ranged in ranks.

By those who drive the clouds in a good way.

By those who bring the Book

Verily your God is indeed ONE.

This life is all about how we conduct ourselves around people and extend ourselves to people. Most of our children are so occupied trying to find a conduit through the world’s maze that they become paralyzed.

We didn’t give them a map because we were to busy or we were parents living in a shortfall. The noises of TV, radio and their peers bombard them, so much so, that they don’t even think their own thoughts. They play out scenes from the programming and movies directed at them.

We all allow our children to buy and play computer games that are, in effect, conditioning them to feel apathetic about life. They sit hours and hours with their eyes fixed as if they have become a zombie and their focus poised to eliminate a simulated real life situation. They experience a killing over and over again – a virtual murder. The next thing you know, he has become a killer.

If we listen to our children, we may find out that they are afraid. They are afraid that they have no place where they can fit in the world; and they are jealous of the most productive youth of our community.

Yes, there are families that have it together. Their children are excelling in school; and many are healthy athletes. Everyone is saying good things about them and they are winning scholarships. We are all proud of them.

What about the parents who drop the ball? The reality is, there are many children that don’t eat well and are not healthy. If children are not healthy, they don’t learn well and as a result, don’t go school half of the time.

There are children that end up being raised by the streets and on drugs. Can’t you see just some of the variables that are calculated into this epidemic of community murder phenomenon? An adolescent or any youth that takes a life did not get in that frame of mind over night. We parents and caregivers need to be thinkers, acting with a conscious mind about our family’s structure.

We need to organize our lives and their lives around the family and welcome their input. We need to communicate — talk to, not at our children. We need to listen to them and hear them. We can do all we can, to shape and mold healthy human beings, preparing them for life. That’s great – good for us.

Unfortunately, our children have to contend with other elements that are not so encouraging; and they are afraid of those children who don’t have.

Are we prepared to do what is necessary to help them out of Hell? We are going to have to reach down into our soul and reach out into the community beyond our own families — because we are all one.

Remember: The neglect of your neighbor may be the cause of your going to hell. In order for our children to have a chance to make it, our neighbors’ children need to have a chance to make it. The commitment and sacrifice will require everything we have to give, and more.



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