$2.5 Billion lawsuit filed against city, county and state by Black childcare providers

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An organization representing 18 Milwaukee African American daycare providers has filed a $2.5 billion class action lawsuit in federal court against the state of Wisconsin, the city and county of Milwaukee, elected and appoiinted officials, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for racial discrimination and profiling, biased media coverage, and damages that led to the closing of a large number of Black daycare centers.
Juss Us For Justice, Inc. claims Black childcare providers were “racially profiled” by the state. Out of 72 counties in Wisconsin, only Black owned and operated childcare facilities in Milwaukee County were audited and closed several years ago for alleged fraudulent abuse of the Wisconsin Shares Program.
The audit resulted in the closing of a large number of Black daycares that impacted 60,000 Black children and employees of those facilities.
The organization, Juss Us For Justice, Inc. and the childcare providers will give details about the lawsuit during a news conference Saturday, April 28, 12 noon, at Rehoboth Miracle Temple Church, 2830 W. Hadley St.
Look for a full report on the news conference and lawsuit in an upcoming edition of the Community Journal.

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