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Question of the week: “United Way has launched a new teen pregnancy prevention campaign, Three area dress shops will display a prom dress on a pregnant mannequin to get teen girls to think twice about having a baby. Do you think this approach will help keep girls from getting pregnant?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Earl Ingram, Jr.: “Symbolism is just that! You will only change views by having frank discussions with people. We must have these conversations with our children.”

Earvin M. Young-Bey: “No, I don’t agree with the symbolism of a pregnant girl in a prom dress. These types of measures are not going to stop the children from having sex. Parental involvement is key. Let the parent address the issue, not our local retailer.”

Khani R. Solocheck: “Of course this won’t help! Our children are much more complicated than some weird visual. Abstinence and education is the only way to protect and inform our children; not mannequins in a store window.”

Kim Webber: “I hope the intent of the display is to promote responsible behavior, not only from the standpoint of safe sex, but if a person is a teen parent, up holding good parenting skills.”

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