Council President Murphy and Alderman Stamper issue statements on girl’s shooting

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Council President Murphy and Alderman Stamper issue statements on girl’s shooting

The jointly issued statements below from Common Council President Michael J. Murphy and Alderman Russell W. Stamper II address the Clarke Street Elementary School playground shooting Wednesday that has left a 10-year-old girl in grave condition. The playground is located in Alderman Stamper’s 15th Aldermanic District.

President Murphy:

Yesterday’s playground shooting that left an innocent 10-year-old girl fighting for her life has rightly outraged Milwaukeeans in all corners of our city, and it has left me offering prayers to her parents and family members.

It is now imperative that the good people of this community who know the perpetrators involved step forward with information so that they can be brought to justice. If the people involved have any good sense whatsoever, I strongly advise them to turn themselves in to Milwaukee police immediately.

What we do not need is “street justice” with more shooting and possibly more bullets striking innocent children and bystanders. The only true justice comes when the community bears witness and is represented by a jury in a court of law.

I ask residents to help get armed individuals off the streets; if you know someone who carries a firearm in your neighborhood, point that person out to police or pass along a name, an address or even a description of the vehicle that person drives.

Please – if you have information – contact Milwaukee police immediately.

Let’s get the shooters who recklessly wounded the 10-year-old girl off the streets as soon as possible.


Alderman Stamper:

We as a community must come together to prevent gun violence. It simply cannot be tolerated and allowed to occur. I won’t tolerate it, the police won’t tolerate it, and community residents shouldn’t tolerate it, either.

We need to work against any mindset that says that this activity is in any way acceptable, or that firearms are any part of an answer to resolving conflicts.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and this little girl, and I pray that she survives.

I ask that the community come together to help find the person responsible for this shooting, which threatens the life of a child. I ask the community to work together to help bring this person to justice, and I ask that we also work together to improve the community and foster hope for the future.


Bill Arnold Public Information Manager/City of Milwaukee/Public Information Division/

Office of the City Clerk/Phone: (414)286.3285/<>


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Clarke Street Elementary School playground shooting

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