4W Community Happenings: New book leads kids on safari in Milwaukee

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Local author Pat Pollworth invites you to take a safari in Milwaukee. A safari? In Milwaukee? But where are the animals? Pollworth says they’re there, if you just know where to look. With spring arriving and our desire to spend time out of doors this is a perfect time to discover our urban environment with the help of a local guidebook.

Milwaukee City Safaris includes a self-guided tour of some of the city’s architectural gems, all of which have animal images in their design.

The aim of the book is to encourage the discovery of local architecture and history through a search for animals that are incorporated into buildings or their surroundings.

Pollworth sees this as a fun way for children to learn about architectural styles and characteristics, the animals and their symbolism, as well as the buildings and the history that surrounds them. The book also provides a map and a description of nineteen historical buildings/sites that have animal images.

Milwaukee City Safaris is not a children’s book, but rather a book to be used by adults with children. It is appropriate for families, classroom groups with teachers, as well as after-school children’s groups with adult leadership. This book offers a great opportunity for intergenerational learning. The tour can be adjusted to suit the age of the children and the amount of time available.

An added bonus in the book is a list of over 50 suggested activities for children, divided into activities for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The related activities can extend, expand, and enhance the learning experiences.

Pollworth has written and published five books, including Milwaukee County Street Names—Street Games, a book on local history and streets designed for children. Pollworth has volunteered for Historic Milwaukee and the Milwaukee County Historical Society. Milwaukee City Safarisis is available at http://booklocker.com/4262, Boswell’s Book Company, and the Milwaukee County Historical Society. (Wholesale orders can be placed at https://secure.booklocker.com/booklocker/wholesale/order.php)

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