5 Keys to Overcoming Grief This Holiday Season

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Holidays do not have to hung down head for those dealing with loss of loved one

As we live out each day, our experiences have a way of penning the biographies of our lives. Therefore, do the great things that you want to do, say to loved ones the things that you need to say and have no regrets. “Live life to the fullest” is the message that Author H.E. Hobson wants to share with anyone still grieving the loss of a loved one during this time of year.

“The holidays do not have to mean a hung down head,” said Hobson who recently released the novel, UnWritten, which encourages healing from grief and regret.

Hobson’s five keys for overcoming grief include:

1. Faith – Never underestimate the power of prayer.  Honest conversation with God above. Share your emotions with Him: anger, sadness, frustration, loneliness, pain.  You may even want to pray aloud or write down your prayers. As well, do not forget that faith in God gives us hope for an eternal reunion with those who have gone on ahead.

2. Family – Stay close to other family members.  They know you and will love you through this time of pain.  In addition, they may be sharing some of the same grief.  Being together, will help process the loss, overcome loneliness and keep one another encouraged.

3. Friends – Sometimes we just need to be with people who will let us be ourselves.  Get together with some true friends that will cry with you, laugh with you, talk with you or just let you sit and say nothing at all.

4. Future – One of the most difficult things to face after the loss of a loved one is the future.  Nothing feels the same. However, we must remember that our loved ones would want us to go on.  One of the greatest ways to honor someone who has passed away is to live life to the fullest.  Make each day count.

5. Forward – Volunteer.  Reach out to others. Give of yourself to help someone in need.  When we begin looking outward and helping others, our focus moves from our pain to the pain and need of someone else.  Volunteering is a powerful force in moving forward.

Hobson wrote the book UnWritten after going through his own personal experiences, which included the loss of someone very dear to him and his family.  UnWritten is a behind-the-scenes look into the spiritual realm through the eyes of a novice angel named Raphael who has the job of granting humans the opportunity to leave one last message to loved ones on the other side.  The novel reads like a series of short stories seamlessly woven together to convey some of life’s most important lessons.

“UnWritten will leave the reader wanting to live a life of purpose and meaning,” the author said.

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