5 tips for a great life filled with loving relationships

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Valentine’s Day is the annual day to celebrate love, but love should shine during all times of the year, whether you are in a relationships, single or recently divorced. That’s why we’re sharing five tips from Latrice Milton, relationship life coach, on laying the groundwork for a great life filled with loving relationships.
1.   Get rid of the negative thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. Whether it’s about yourself, relationships, or life, think positively. Over time you will start taking action to align yourself with these positive thoughts. When you start thinking that “I’m not pretty enough,” or “all men cheat” – stop yourself immediately!  Tell yourself that you are beautiful, that there are awesome men in the world, and you will have a satisfying career.  Eventually you will find yourself buying a new dress, hanging out at new places to meet a different type of man, and discovering a profession that is more aligned with your personality and purpose.
2.       Toss the checklists.  The list that you created to find the perfect man – 6’1” with a nice tan, blonde, blue eyes, PhD from Harvard, drives a Range Rover, owns a mansion, never married, no kids – is generally not reality.  In fact, I was thinking of Ken when I created that list.   The reality of life is that the right man for you has lived his own life and made his own blunders or dealt with some tough experiences.  Through his life experience, the right man has discovered that what he wants in life is a partner to bring peace and love into each other’s life.  Now, maybe Ken fits that mold or maybe not.  Its most important to be open to different types of men. 
3.       Have your own life.  Your goal in life should be to have a successful career, good relationships with friends and family, and a great relationship. You must work at those goals every day. A woman who starts blowing off friends, becomes disengaged from her job and wants to hang around her boyfriend all the time – will end up becoming very unhappy within a few months into the relationship.  When a woman’s attitude about life goes sour, typically so does the relationship.
4.       Recognize that there are no guarantees in life and love.  To fully experience all of the glory and ecstasy of true love, you’ve got to let go of the idea that it can be guaranteed.  Life nor love has any guarantees.  If you need a guarantee then I suggest that you remain single.  People change and all we can do is live our lives and try our best to keep our careers and relationships.
5.       Never stop growing.  There should never be a time in which you are not experiencing growth.  As you grow, ensure that you grow with your partner by keeping him posted on the things that are going on in your life and make sure that he is communicating the same.  People who grow together, stay together.





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