The Second Line Krewe

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Larry Waters, Master of Ceremonies:

Director of Multicultural Relations, MillerCoors

Larry Waters has been an active participant in the MCJ Anniversary Galas four successive years, having led our growth into larger venues as the Chairman of “For the Sake of Aaron,” our focus on Black males, in 2007. Co-Chairman of “Our Women our Treasures, Our Jewels,” in 2008; and a Co-Captain, with his lovely wife, Adrienne, in 2009 with “Dynamic Duos Who Build A Better Community,” his expertise is often sought.

In addition to being the Event Sponsor for 2010, he continues to be a constant consult for deciphering the vision of the Dr. Terence N. Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. His commitment to building larger student awards is unwavering.

Thelma Sias, Scholarship Advisor:

Vice President of Local Affairs, WE Energies, Inc.

Thelma Sias joined the MCJ Anniversary Krewe in 2008, when she Co-Chaired, the largest Anniversary Gala, to date.

Fifty outstanding women, all community-thought leaders in Milwaukee, comprised “Our Women, Our Treasures, Our Jewels.

Last year, a Dynamic Duo, with her husband, Stephen; and this year, in her role as an advisor, she continues to be a guiding-force called upon for direction.

Her contributions are unparalleled, her insight respected and her successes always exemplary.

Mary Dowell , Academic Supporter:

Director of Community Relations, Johnson Controls

Mary Dowell was an Honoree in “Our Women Our Treasures, Our Jewels.”

The next year, she became a Contributing Sponsor and Greeter. She and her husband, John, (Dynamic Duos) were celebrated, in 2009, for their work in diversity and corporate human relations.

Tonight, she welcomes the Honorees, Sponsors and Scholars. Her years of building people and corporate objectives make her experiences valuable as we salute the Best of the Bests.

Dr. Joan Prince, Academic Liaison:

Vice Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Joan Prince is a native Milwaukeean, lauded throughout the United States for her academic prowess and her diligence to educational excellence and access.

An Honoree in “Our Women, Our Treasures, Our Jewels”, she continues to guide the Legacy Reception where past graduates mingle with current students and Past Honorees are greeted and pinned by the new Honorees.

The Legacy Reception is invaluable for encouraging the students and applauding the Honorees. It remains our premiere “meet and greet.” This salacious combination of people, food, drink and atmosphere makes the evening unforgettable and Dr. Prince always guides with aplomb.

Atty. John Daniels, C.E.O, Quarles and Brady

Atty. John Daniels has joined us for many years. On the occasion of the MCJ’s 30th Anniversary, Attorney Daniels and his family were named the “ Family of the Year “as they led in areas designed to better the city of Milwaukee by strengthening families, neighborhoods, and the church life of the community.

Since that inaugural event, he has followed the Anniversary Galas and continues to play a role in its success. This year, he returns, with his lovely mate, Irma, to introduce our Master of Ceremonies, Larry Waters.

Just a week before his Annual Golf Fellowship, in addition to his numerous boards and affiliations, we honor his presence and sincerely thank him again.

Hester and Walter Besteda:

A 2009 Dynamic Duo, Walter and Hester Besteda are the official Grand Marshall and Countess for the “Second Line.” They met as students at Dilliard University in New Orleans and continue to go back for Homecoming each year, where the “Second Line,” with umbrellas bouncing and handkerchiefs twirling, encourage people join in.

Follow the leader, enjoy the beat of the brass instruments and the pulsating drum. Join the parade with our Honorees, our Students and you, as we march to the Show Dome and back to the Dining Room. “Laissez Le Bon Tempo Roulez,” they say: Let the good times roll!

The management and staff of the Milwaukee Community Journal wish to thank you the readers for your continued support and

A special thank you to MCJ Staff Member Josephine Joki, the designer of The Second Line umbrellas

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