9 Beauty Benefits of Kale

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Kale is the newest craze in the health world. It’s sometimes referred to as the queen of greens because its nutritional value is just about unmatched. With all of the green vegetable options out there, here are a few reasons why you should opt for kale.


Fresh kale offers your body a ton of antioxidants, more than most other green leafy vegetables. Antioxidants help reduce wrinkles by preventing free radical cells that damage skin, thus ultimately slowing down the aging process.

Vitamin A is another great component of kale. This is essential to the health of your skin. 

Kale is a detoxifier. It cleanses the body from within, making your skin glow on the outside.


Kale is loaded with both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. This rare combination helps to nourish your tresses. It also assists in keeping your hair and scalp moisturized, reducing flakes and hair breakage.

Kale increases the elasticity of your strands, making them stronger and easier to manage

Kale  helps increase the circulation in the scalp, boosting hair growth making it thicker and longer.


Glucosinolate is an organic compound known for fighting and preventing cancer. This is a key nutrient found in Kale. It has been seen to dramatically help with the treatment of breast, prostate, bladder, and colon cancers specifically.

Kale is enriched with Vitamin K and calcium, which are great for bone health.

Kale has been seen to dramatically reduce cholesterol as it supports your cardiovascular system.

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