A ‘Black-less’ Milwaukee

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by Mikel Kwaku Osei Holt

Dear Mr. ‘Angry Whiteman’:

I found your letter to be quite interesting, if not short on facts and historical truth.

I admit, I can even understand–if not accept–your conclusion that Black people are responsible for
Milwaukee’s ‘declining quality of life.’  Thus, using your
twisted logic and racist frame of reference, if Milwaukee was
‘cleansed’ of its Black residents, the city would have lower
crime, less need for social services and see an improvement in
reading and math tests.

Of course that’s assuming there are no poor or criminally minded Whites, and that the sun will not set in
the west.

By the way, you also assume other minorities—Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians—share your
beliefs and socioeconomic status. Last time I looked, there were
proportionately the same percentage of ‘other’ minorities
‘bringing down your city,’ as you exclaimed, in part because they
too are discriminated against, have few employment opportunities and
exhibit the traits of suffering from the culture of poverty.

But let’s take them out of the equation.

Theoretically, without African Americans, Milwaukee would move from its status as the fourth most
impoverished city in the United States to maybe 20th or 30th. The
crime rate would drop significantly, no doubt in part because as you
say, ‘the majority of crime—including Black on Black murders—is
committed by (Black Milwaukeeans).’

You, of course, used a much more offensive term to describe us, but that racist epithet aside, if I
was a bigoted, prejudicial and ignoramus such as yourself, I would
probably buy into your assumptions as well.

Likewise, I would agree that the city would improve it’s standing in the area of teen pregnancy, infant
mortality and as the nation’s most segregated city, if you could
eliminate those who fuel those statistics. In the case of the latter,
if there are no Black people, there is no segregation. Right?

The high school drop out rate would decrease significantly, if I follow your logic, and property taxes
would also go down proportionately as government would not have to
allocate as much resources for social services,

Badger Care and job creation programs. I also assume Whites would be able to increase hiring and corporate
profits would somehow soar if businesses didn’t have to participate
in MBE programs.

So, given all of those benefits, I assume the ‘good White people’ of Metropolitan Milwaukee wouldn’t
be averse to subsidizing our migration.

And as I figure it, your NBG (Negroes Be Gone) payments would be offset in a few years by your savings on
taxes to support social welfare programs, but equally important, the
peace of mind that comes from not having to worry about us darkies
disrupting your social events, like the State Fair, or worst—moving
into your neighborhoods, using affirmative action to get into your
schools, and ultimately dating your daughters. (Lord knows y’all
don’t want another Clarence Thomas growing up thinking he was
equal, much less aspiring to achieve beyond his ‘station.’)

As I figure it, you should give us about $150,000 per individual, an additional $20,000 for every ‘nappy
haired’ child over five years of age.

That amount would not only pay for our transportation to the south, or back to Africa, but also subsidize
our living expenses until we can find jobs paying almost livable
wages. The balance would go toward the mental anguish most of us
would incur from the physiological trauma of being ‘disowned.’

I can break that figure down even more for you, but before doing so, I feel a certain compulsion to tell the
other White folks (those true Christian and progressive Americans who
believe in brotherhood and equality of mankind) that the new
Milwaukee you envision would not necessarily turn out the way you

In fact, if you could remove that racist veil you’re hiding behind, you might think through your
premise and realize getting rid of us may turn out to be the worst
thing to happen to Milwaukee.

Check this out: Our children make up over 60% of the school population. If we leave Milwaukee, more than half of the teachers, administrators and service personnel would lose their jobs.
Bus companies would have to close down and even crossing guards would
be laid off.

Thousands of missionaries and poverty pimps would be out of work. I assume some would learn Spanish and jack up teen pregnancy figures to justify their employment, but their
pie would no doubt get smaller.

In case you didn’t know it, Mr. Angry Whiteman, poverty is big business (which probably explains why our
condition was allowed to deteriorate over the years). In truth,
thousands of people are employed solely because of the nation-leading
Black infant mortality and high school drop out rates.

Dozens of medical clinics survive off Badger Care, and millions of dollars are raked in every year for
Medicare and Medicaid. Since half of all Black Milwaukeeans are poor,
it’s logical to assume we make up the bulk of those social services
clients, from W-2 (welfare) to school lunch programs.

With no Black people, how would the city collect its “poor people’s tax”– otherwise known as
overnight parking tickets?  Whether you know it or not, the city
actually factors in several millions in parking tickets as a key part
of its budget. Few tickets (poor people’s tax), fewer dollars to
the city coffers. Less taxes means cuts in quality of life programs,
or higher taxes.

A ‘Blackless’ city would mean the payday loan and rent-to-own businesses would go under.

Without the sisters, the Milwaukee Bucks’ cheerleaders would not only look a little homely, but also
would have no rhythm, and thus be an embarrassment to the NBA.

(Dancing to Polka music would also hamper the Black players’ shooting averages; it’s hard to get
into a rhythm with Lawrence Welk playing on the loud speaker.)

But don’t worry about that because once they lose about 24% of their income (from games and memorabilia
normally purchased by Black fans), the Bucks would have to leave
Milwaukee anyway.  And if it didn’t, imagine a professional
basketball team without Black players.

The Italian Conference Center would follow suit, and even Wisconsin farmers would go into bankruptcy if
we were not here to buy their chicken and watermelon. By the way,
under your assumption, would White people move to the ghetto to
support our overpriced grocery stores?

Without us, whose going to pick up the empty aluminum cans off the street? Who’s going to purchase the
malt liquor and the two-dollar-a-four-pack cheap beer?

Without Black people, White teenagers would no longer have someone to emulate for the latest fashion and
the hippest slang. Dirty old White men would not have any reason to
drive through the known Black prostitute areas, or fantasize about
our beautiful big butt sisters as they drive through the central city
en route to work.

John Wayne wanna-bes on the police department would no longer have their sights (no pun intended) set on
Black teenagers. Come to think of it, if the gun happy racists don’t
have Black Milwaukeeans to vent their frustrations on, they may turn
on your children Mr. Angry Whiteman. What will you say about
‘justifiable homicide then?’

Matter of fact, how would you justify that $500 gun you purchased when President Obama was elected? Plus, there’s no need for a concealed carry permit. White folks don’t
commit crimes, do they?

If there are no Black people, radio stations WMCS and WNOV would become Country and Western music
stations. Come to think about it, R&B oldies station 98.3 would
have to change its format too.

If we migrated to Haiti or Cuba (which is the only nation to outlaw racism) I assume the residency
requirement would no longer be an issue.

That would be an important development, because how else are you going to fill that property tax void? As I
said, less taxes means local government would have to cut employment,
and quality of life services. It’ll probably also mean it’ll cost
$100 to get into the zoo, and officials would probably have to close
down the museum.

The Art Museum would probably survive since they don’t attract many African Americans.

And I assume the summer festivals would likewise survive, since we don’t generally attend Irish, German or
Polish fest.

But who would you get to work there, under the guise of meaningful summer employment?

Without Black folks, Whites would probably start taking the bus, and shopping at the Grand Avenue Mall.

Marcus Corporation would probably reopen the downtown movie theater. That is until White teenagers
start showing their true colors (again no pun intended).

Sorry to have to inform you, but teenagers are rowdy and loud by nature. It’s not a “Black thang.”

I hate to be the one to tell you, but White kids also drink, have sex and cruise. Once the media stops
focusing on Black kids, you’d be surprised who they will turn to.

Most importantly, if you didn’t have Black folks to blame for everything but crucifying Jesus, who will be
your scapegoats?

It’s a sad, but true reality, that people have a psychological need to feel superior to someone; you
need scapegoats for high taxes, social ills and even your religious
shortcomings. In Milwaukee, it’s Black folks. But if we leave, who
will be your next target?

So, think about it, before I draw up the contract. You may be better off with us.


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