I-Witness: A concert of Choirs

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by B. White

Piney Woods School

The Piney Woods School-International Alumni Association Milwaukee Chapter host “A Concert of Choirs.” The event’s theme “Music is Love in Search of a Word.”

Piney Woods (Country) School is the flagship of the four remaining historically African American boarding schools in the United States. With thousands of alumni who have come from all over the United States and the world. Piney Woods has been a hallmark for excellence in its 98-year history.

Their alums have attended Princeton, Harvard, Smith, Howard, Tuskegee and a host of other outstanding colleges and universities both public and private. They have pursued degrees across the spectrum.

Laurence Jones is the founder of Piney Woods.  He started the boarding school almost 100-years ago in 1906 in Ranking, Mississippi.  His mission was to train young men and women who are educationally astute, morally responsible, civically engaged, socially equipped, technologically proficient and globally perceptive in a nature atmosphere. Most of us would call it the country. Holla!

In celebration of the Piney Woods Anniversary the Milwaukee Chapter hosted a fundraiser, the “Concert of Choirs,” to assist students with scholarships who want to attend Piney Woods.

Rachel Gray-Gallant is president of the Board of Directors, Erskin Henderson is the president of the Milwaukee Chapter. The event was held at Gray’s Child Care Development Center.

Erskin Henderson welcomed all. The Rev. LL Kirby of St. Paul Baptist Church in Racine, Wisconsin was the emcee for the evening.

The judges were introduced—Dr. Marshall L. Gallant, Sr., LeResa Adams, Bobbie Howell and Cheryl. The judges rated all the gospel groups or soloist that competed in the Concert of Choirs.

Opening was New Anointed St. Paul Baptist Church Hope School Children’s Choir in Racine.

Milwaukee’s own Tony Neal and the Majestic Community Choir were in the house.

I-Witness truly liked New Creations, Kavette and Keshia Kimbrough; they sang acapella and sound like two birds in perfect harmony. Their timing and pitch were awesome. Marcus Duckworth also joined them. New Creations were really good. I liked New Anointed as well Robert Smith testified in his song. He sang that song.

Rachel did a special presentation to State Rep. Polly Williams for her strong avocation for education. There were writing contest which praised mothers. Garibiel Bledsoe did a tribute to mothers. Jennifer Speed did other recognitions and awards to the choirs.

There was a raffle, which was hilarious because they had to pull several tickets before a winner. It was too funny. In fact, no one believed the winner when she stated she had it. Holla!

There was a short film about Dr. Laurence C. Jones, founder of Piney Wood School.

Henderson closed us out thanking all for celebrating with them.

Hey, Erskin and Rachel: Piney Woods huh? I-Witness is a city girl, Holla! Thank you for the invite. I know y’all are well educated because there wasn’t anything else to do but be smart at Piney Woods.

A boarding school would do a number of children good right now. There was a time when you got out of line those in the north would send the children down south for a little work and peace and quiet.

I am glad the alumns are raising money to assist students who want to go to Piney Woods. It takes special people to love children, but it takes even greater people to reach back and grab someone else’s hand. Thank you for reaching back.

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