A Friendly Alliance Between Two Life-Enhancing Minority Web Sites

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June 18, 2012- BlackLifeCoaches.net announced today to enter into partnership with EqualityMagazines.com, a recruiting website which assists in promoting companies and their brand to targeted job-seeking minorities. This will help bring BlackLifeCoaches.net into a position where they can continue to expand the benefits of black life coaching within another outlet.

EqualityMagazines.com is the parent company of the online magazine, “The Black Perspective”. This magazine provides a similar mission as BlackLifeCoaches.net such as: aiding African Americans in finding employment, ensuring the inclusion of all minorities in education, and informing it’s readers on news happening within the black community. Partnership between the two will be a dynamic influence among African-Americans across the nation.

Since BlackLifeCoaches.net is a younger growing company, partnering with a life skills and job recruiting website that has been opening doors for so many years is a major accomplishment for our website and it’s contributing writers. “Within the BLC Network, we have career, leadership and executive coaches that will provide articles and professional support,” said Towanna Freeman, creator of BlackLifeCoaches.net regarding the website’s mission to partner with EqualityMagazines.com.

About BlackLifeCoaches.net BlackLifeCoaches.net was created and founded by Towanna Freeman in August 2011. The website provides an online life coaching platform where accredited trainers and educators can share their service to improve people’s lives. Whether someone is searching for professional clarification in relationships, career choices or finances, BlackLifeCoaches.net creates a friendly environment to better the lives of all African-Americans. Their focus is to help functional people live extraordinary lives. For more information about BlackLifeCoaches.net visit their website.

About EqualityMagazines.com EqualityMagazines.com has been promoting diversity within the workforce since 1997. They have transformed their business model from a print media outlet to an online format in order to reach more diverse minority groups in greater numbers. “The Black Perspective” is only one their four targeted, diversity and inclusion, recruitment vehicles. Their other sites include Hispanic-Today, Veterans Enterprise and Women in Business & Industry. Their diverse-oriented online job board and network has helped to pioneer the importance of diversity & inclusion with popular websites like Careerbuilder, the .Job Universe, and Direct Employers Association. EqualityMagazines.com provides readers from different minority groups with: the latest news affecting their minority, national resources, a list of aid groups, employment search engines and a calendar of events and job fairs. For more information please visit their website.

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