A March fit for a King

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Wendell Harris (far right wearing baseball cap), Wisconsin State NAACP Education Committee Chair, and Rev. Jackson proudly display an American flag as they lead the GOTV parade. Harris is joined by Baxter Leach and Elmore Nickleberry, who also rallied with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis during the 1968 AFSCME sanitation worker protests for the human rights of public union workers.

In spite of a threat of inclement weather, more than 700 Milwaukee County residents voted today during one of several weekend-long events to commemorate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to rally against the attacks of economic injustice in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, continues to push for controversial legislation designed to strip the basic foundation of economic security from working families through reckless budget cuts in education, healthcare, transportation, and other vital services.

Milwaukee Chapter NAACP, along with leadership from the Wisconsin State NAACP Conference, were joined by National civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, AFSCME sanitation workers from the 1968 Memphis boycott/strikes (Baxter Leach and Elmore Nickleberry), elected officials and members of local unions, civic and religious organizations for a GOTV march from the NAACP Office near North Avenue and King Drive to the Frank Zeidler Building.

In Milwaukee County, residents can utilize the Zeidler Building for early voting; and that was what they did.

Rev. Jackson remained with the crusade through the weekend where he joined State NAACP leaders and others for an all-out sweep through Milwaukee to encourage residents to send a clear message by voting in record numbers on Tuesday.

–By Harriet Callier

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