A Message from I-Witness To Our Readers

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Holla! Two hundred thirty thousand, six hundred (230,600) down, 33,500 to go, I-Witness touching Black people all over the city of Milwaukee and the world one event at a time.

Black People are the First Wonder of the World

“Until the Lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

–African proverb —

Ponte De Aria

Be Ever Wonderful – (Brazilian Rhyme)

Thought of the Week

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

~Eleanor Roosevelt (Thank You, Chandra Cooper)

A Message from I-Witness To Our Readers


I-Witness wants to say: my Creator is awesome when He shows up, He shows out.

Right now, I am about half way on my road toward healing. I am alive and in good spirits.

When you talk about God sending angels, I know for a fact that he has sent me plenty. I would like to thank Dr. Tjoe over at Aurora Medical Center – Downtown and the wonderful hospital staff that took care of me. Ya’ll know I am not an easy patient, seeing how I don’t see myself as a mere mortal… Ya’ll know I think I am superwoman, Holla!

For those of you who are unaware, I am now a breast cancer survivor. I have joined the ranks of thousands of women worldwide who have this, sometimes, deadly disease. But according to the doctors, I am on my way to a great recovery!

Through my challenge, I am sadden on one hand and joyful on the other. In the course of my battle with breast cancer, I-Witness has learned that there are so many women in this city who have been attacked by this disease; more than we would like to know.

Breast cancer has afflicted many mothers and daughters, sisters, aunts and nieces. I was really surprised at the alarming number of black women with breast cancer, and I was especially surprised at the number of families where mothers and daughters have had bouts with the disease.

Just as alarming is the growing number of young Black women who have breast cancer.

Again, I-Witness was so surprised to know many women that she sees often are breast cancer survivors. Many chose to keep it a private matter, keeping it even from other family members. I respect their right to do that and understand. I-Witness thought she could do it too.

When first diagnosed, it’s unbelievable. The patient doesn’t believe it, at least I didn’t. It takes time to wrap your head around the disease, because for the first time you are looking at your mortality. (Even thou we know death is real, we all have that little bit of Peter Pan in us, and believe that we will be forever young and live forever.) You hear the words that attack your mind, body and soul: “You have cancer.”

Of course, most folks think the worst at first. But many brave women of the past, who had courage even in the face of death, have partaken in research studies, trying the different medicines and treatments in their experimental phases so that people like me don’t have to die just because we have breast cancer. I salute them.

Having breast cancer today is just like men who have prostate cancer. It doesn’t have to mean the end of life for us.

Yes, there will have to be some lifestyle changes. I personally think no one ever gets enough sleep/relaxation today. We have to start taking that time for ourselves.

The other thing that I’m learning is that we must take a look at the water we drink. Did you ever notice that some bottled water brands never go on sale like Fiji or Evian? These waters carry a Ph, which alkaline your body, creating something like a force shield that helps protect and defend the body against foreign attacks such as cancer.

If you have cancer in your family it is a possibility that you may be genetically pre-destined to perhaps get it, which means it’s part of your family gene pool.

While I-Witness believes in many cases that genetics do play a large part in our lives, our lifestyle, family traditions and culture, I-Witness believes more and more that most of the illnesses that are confronting us now have more to do with the toxic environment in which we live more than anything.

Again, I could not believe the number of women, I know in this community who have at one time or are currently battling breast cancer. Even though it is a private matter, we can no longer keep it a secret. We must talk about. Those of us who are battling cancer must begin to participate in some of the research studies for future generations of young women.

We must speak up and out on the environmental issues. Milwaukee has always been a factory town where we can still find all kinds of environmental issues that could be contributing to the high count of cancers in our community.

Through my journey to healing, I realize that that life is so precious not only because God granted it to us, but because the Creator put so many great people in our lives.

Next week I will share with you some of the people who are making my journey to conquer this, sometimes, deadly disease a pleasant and hopeful one.

I want to thank my family, neighbors, the Milwaukee Community Journal and all of you for your support, love and those powerful prayers that ya’ll been sending. Much love to all of you.  I feel like singing, so I’ll close with a song from one of my all time favorites by Howard Hewett, “Say Amen.”

I love this song-keep praising His name out loud.

It’s time to say goodbye for now

We’ll have our second time around

But before you go

There’s something I’d like to say

Everything’s not what it seems

There’s a stronger force behind the scenes

He’s in our lives every day

He’s right there when you call

In Him is where my strength lies

I’ll lift my eyes beyond the skies

Only He can save my life

And only He can hear me cry

I wanna thank you God

For givin’ me one more chance

To raise my voice and to sing Your praise

I sing it out loud, I sing it all day

This is song is my prayer

I give to only You

I know it can’t compare to the gift from You

Gave me Your love, You gave me Your son


Yes, You did


I know there’s some who don’t believe

Some times it’s very hard to see

Live this old life every day

Some things don’t go your way

But to be without is not His will

There’s cattle on a thousand hills

And they’re all Yours to claim

So claim them in His Holy name

See, you don’t have to beg or crawl

He can see you standin’ proud and tall

He’ll give His everlasting love

Just come to Him as you are

I wanna thank you God

For givin’ me one more chance

To raise my voice and to sing Your praise

I sing it out loud, oh, I sing it all day

This is song is my prayer

I give to only You

I know it can’t compare to the gift from You, whoa…oh…

You gave me Your love, You gave me Your son

I wanna thank you God

For giving me one more chance

To raise my voice and to sing Your praise

I sing it out loud, oh, I sing it all day

This is song is my prayer

I give to only You

I know it can’t compare to the gift from You

You gave me Your love, You gave me Your son

Now I say Amen (I say Amen)

Ah…Father, Father, Father

Father, I say Amen

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