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While driving home last night, I listened to the radio and heard a talk show host describe the devastation brought by hurricane Sandy. He began by saying that many of the houses lost by the ocean weren’t $5 million homes, “but they were still nice anyway.”  Shocked at the thought that someone actually believes only multimillion-dollar homes are worth lamenting if destroyed, I listened with intrigue.

The host went on to say that for many people these homes were second homes. They were vacation homes used to get away and rest. He explained that for many it was harder to lose their second home than their primary residence because of the memories and the nice things inside. 

I shook my head at the sad state of humanity when we are unable to be appreciative for the many ways the Lord has blessed us. I am even more dismayed when we forget that “things” are not as important as people and possessions are not as sacred as souls.

Nationally, we need a new perspective. We need to come to the realization that we are blessed. It takes traveling outside our borders and seeing vastly different levels of poverty to understand that our bad days pale in comparison to the everyday existence that many others around the globe face.

Mothers in other parts of the world struggle to feed their small babies while we have entire grocery store aisles dedicated to over a dozen different types of infant formula and have programs to give formula for free to those who can not afford it.

People in other continents still experience leprosy and yes, there are still leper colonies – while for many of us it is simply a health condition from “way back in biblical times.” Children in other countries die from diarrhea while we have commercials that joke about how easily two tablets will stop tummy troubles. We are blessed.

In your life and mine there are many things that we would change to our advantage, but the truth is: in all that we have been through and continue to endure, God has been better to us than we deserve. God has seen us through difficult times and even when we were called to stand in the midst of the storm and chaos – He stood right there with us holding us up when we did not have the strength and sometimes not even the desire to keep standing in our own strength.

I want to encourage someone today who is going through a trial or a test. Hold on and get a new perspective. Instead of looking at what you lost, consider what you still have. You may be thinking that you don’t have anything, but the fact that you can read this article means that you are blessed in a way that over 60 million people are not, just because you are literate. Then remember that you are breathing, someone at each of our area hospitals is struggling to live with the help of a ventilator. Consider that you have someone, somewhere praying for you – when many people around the world have no one.

God loves you and you have a reason to keep pressing, keep striving, keep moving and watch the hand of the Lord guide and order your steps. Just like Sandy – the storm will pass.








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