A Time to Give, Share and Bless

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Guest Commentary

by State Senator Lena Taylor

Each year, warm tidings from friends, salutations from distant relatives, solace from family members and a decorated cookie or two connect us to our loved ones during the holiday season. As the days get shorter and the weather plunges colder, cherished holidays and family traditions give us the opportunity to join hands with our family and friends to reflect on what’s truly important in life.

After all, the holidays extend further than the material possessions decorating our halls and sitting in our shopping bags. At its heart, the holiday season is about coming together to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for despite the hardships that continue to characterize the lives around us.

With a dreary economy that continues to loiter on the capitol’s footsteps, we must remember that the holiday season doesn’t bring festive feasts and merry memories for everyone.

To many, these are times of struggle. Struggle to secure warm housing for themselves and their families. Struggle to battle the nation’s cruel unemployment rate. Struggle to just put food on the table.

So as we jump into the holiday season, please join me in keeping each member of our community in your hearts and minds while we give thanks to our own personal blessings.

This holiday season, I suggest we turn the state’s economic drought into a blizzard of faith. Rather than crumble under the weight of the state’s fiscal hardships, let’s use these troubles as better reason to join hands with our family, friends and neighbors.

Let’s engage in a communal effort to rededicate ourselves to those less fortunate. The holidays are a time giving and sharing—sharing our time and talents with schools, churches and neighborhoods. Being surrounded by our loved ones gives us the added element of togetherness. Instead of moping about the economy, let’s use it to strengthen our conviction to bring a better holiday season to our communities as a whole.

Times will not always be so tough. In my role as State Senator, I continue to fight each and every day to address problems facing our local communities. While the journey may seem endless, we must not surrender to idea that these hardships will persist. I have faith in our great state. And, most importantly, I have faith that communities and neighbors can come together to help those who need it most.

As we gather with our families this holiday season and meditate on the things we are thankful for, please take the time to look beyond yourself to imagine how you can be a thankful part of someone else’s life.

We are all blessed with the ability to touch the lives of others and the holidays provide us the perfect opportunity to give back. If we, as a community, can work cooperatively to make the lives of those around us better, than we become an integral part of the exact sense of giving the holidays are all about.

With that, I would like to wish everyone a happy and blessed holiday season. I am proud to call myself your Senator in the great state of Wisconsin and will keep each and everyone of its citizens in my thoughts and prayers this winter. God bless and happy holidays!

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