Finding Power in the Hour

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Have you ever felt as though no matter what you did
you simply could not fit all of your assigned tasks into one day? We use the
term, “making time” but the truth of the matter is that none of us have the
capacity to create time.  We have to look
at the allotted time that we have and recognize that we need to make decisions
that effectively allow us to trim the fat and deal with those things that
simply can not wait. Finding strength to prioritize is critical for every
student, parent, employee, employer and leader.

Now that I consider it, I have even watched animals
prioritize. Have you ever seen a squirrel get half way across the street with
food in his mouth, look at your car and double back to where he came from? In
that moment, the goal of hiding food for hibernation was less important than
getting hit by an oncoming SUV. The squirrel prioritized.  He understood that it was better to be living
and delayed than dead and denied.  We too
have to realize that there are times that we have to back up and simply allow
God to grant us the needed wisdom to accomplish our goals without killing
ourselves.  God gives us the ability to
strategically find power in the hour!

Perhaps you
have felt the power surge that accomplishment brings. You feel the surge when
you come home exhausted but you managed to get everything done that you needed
to. The surge can even be felt financially as you are able to seal an envelope
and pay off a bill that had been staring you in the face for too long.  God has given you and I everything that we
need in order to complete our assigned tasks. The difficult truth is that
sometimes we fall behind in our own tasks because we are too buy doing the
tasks of other people who are all too willing to allow us to do so.  There are other times that we have worked
ourselves to the point of ineffectiveness.  We did not do it on purpose, but we worked so
hard until we neglected our own needs and sometimes the needs of the people who
we love the most. As an unknown author once penned,” we have to be willing to
write our plans in pencil and give God the eraser.”

In an effort to be more personally balanced I have
recommitted a dedicated space in each day for my relationship with the Lord.
I’m not saying that He and I have been on a hiatus, but I do believe that just
as when you care for other people you dedicate time to communicate and
fellowship with them – how much more should God be able to expect that each and
every day we will commit time to Him.  He
is worthy of the time commitment and I am finding even more power in my other
hours when I am intentional about savoring time with Him.  My time with the Lord is not combined with my
research time or time of sermon preparation, it is time that is dedicated
solely to my personal walk with God.   It
is almost unfair of me to ask God to bless plans I have not discussed with Him
or solve problems that I am too entrenched in personally to be objective. I am
learning daily to step back and watch Him rule over those situations. Finding
the hour gives me power and I am finding power in the hour.

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