AARP CEO A. Barry Rand Featured in New Book and National Portrait Gallery Presentation

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THE NETWORK: Portrait Conversations by Acclaimed Artist Lincoln Schatz Gives Voice to those Searching for Solutions
Washington, D.C. – AARP CEO A. Barry Rand is featured in THE NETWORK: Portrait Conversations, a new book and video portrait collection unveiled on Tuesday, December 11 at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. THE NETWORK, created by artist Licoln Schatz, whose Esquire Magazine Portrait of the 21st Century won him critical acclaim, offers a stunning and unique protrayl of contemporary American leadership and innovation.
Filming each portrait with multiple cameras during a forty-five minute conversation, Schatz captured each subject as they discussed their legacies, accomplishments, and aspirations. Working with this footage, Schatz used custom software to recombine the video based on topic -what he refers to as “the generative portrait” process.
Rand, a dynamic leader and change agent, joined AARP as CEO in 2009 and also serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees at Howard University. Reflecting on AARP’s mission in his video portrait, Rand says, “Baby boomers are looking around and asking, “What do I do next? What’s my purpose? How do I take advantage of these incremental years that everybody’s telling me I’m supposed to have?” Our challenge is to take this growing population and help them do what they want to do, which is to find purpose, to find how they’re going to live their lives, to let them understand what this means to their kids and grandkids…AARP is focused on how we can help and what we will do to help. In the next couple of years, there are going to be some really big challenges…People count on AARP, and we’ll make sure that we deliver.”
While the National Portrait Gallery presentation showcased sections from each video portrait, the book features stills from Schatz’s unique portraiture process and includes exclusive personal essays from each subject. Representing government, business, science, technology, nonprofits and culture, Schatz’ eighty-nine portrait subjects also include Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Emmy Award-winning journalist Cokie Roberts, Republican strategist Karl Rove, andlawyer, businessman and civil rights activist Vernon Jordan.






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