Adoption is Often the Best Option

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Many times in the course of life you hear stories of adoption. We adopt dogs, cats even little median strips in order to plant flowers and represent our respective organizations. We adopt causes and we adopt children, but there is another adoption that we should consider, especially during this time of year: the adoption of schools.

Most of us live within five miles of at least one school and we can all have a major impact if we so chose. A box of tissue, a roll of paper towel, or a container of pens, pencils or crayons can do a great amount to minister to the lives, hearts and minds of children in our area. Many of our children are faced with not having enough supplies to be academically prepared to succeed.

Our church provides the school supplies for our members’ children in accordance with the school list provided. One student needed a calculator that cost more than $125. That same parent has five other school-age children. What a huge expense and that is before factoring school clothes, shoes, lunches and transportation.

Having been a teacher, I can attest to the hundreds, and at times thousands, of dollars that are spent to supplement classroom needs. The help of the community is needed to make sure that every child, whether rich, poor, in public, private, choice or charter receives every possible academic advantage attainable to him or her.

What does this have to do with religion? Those of us who are Christians are the beneficiaries of God adopting us into the family of faith. God saw us and made a decision to extend Himself in an act of unfathomable love. Jesus died on the cross in order to finalize our adoption if we would simply confess our sins, acknowledge him as Lord and live for him in the grace that only He can provide. God gave us what we could not give ourselves. God loved us when our actions did not reflect that we loved ourselves and he helped us when we did not have the capacity to help ourselves.

We have been adopted. I cannot think of a feeling that inspires more warmth than to know that you were chosen. Knowing that someone took the time, observed you – even amongst a sea of others and simply declared, “That one! I want that one!” It feels good to be wanted and the Father absolutely wants you – with all of your heart mind, soul and strength.

God chose you and I then decided to adopt us. How much more of a gift can we be if we adopt others to allow them to see that same light through the extension of our love? Our church has adopted two area schools. One public and one private – both with students who need our love, support, volunteerism and donations to make a difference. If every church adopted one school – not just in name, but in consistent year long support – Milwaukee would be a changed community within five years.

You may not be able to fix every situation but you can do something and sometimes adoption is the best option.








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