African American voters can make the difference

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If African American voters do not get up and get out and vote on Tuesday November, 2 we will be left with a decision that will cost our community dearly. It is not enough to sit back and be proud on how record voters turned out for President Obama in 2008. If President Obama has any chance of continuing an agenda that stopped a “Great Depression”, then African American voters needed to show up and show out in record numbers again and keep the Senate seats, Congressional seats, and yes the Governor’s office need to remain in the hands of Democrats.

We cannot afford to suffer from the “Amnesia” that many Americans seem to be suffering from these days. How do you let the people who whole heartily, and single handily threw this nation into two wars, and left this country in a desperate economic state after they were left trillions in surplus by an outgoing Democratic Administration convince us that they deserve another shot at bringing us out of this hole?

The Republicans, the Tea Party and all the other Obama haters are quite arrogant and bold, because they really believe that Black people are going to stay home and not exercise their right to vote. They have tried the same old tricks…voter fraud intimidation, false and misleading mailings, and many of the same old slogans that are distortions and out and out lies.

They haven’t even engaged the African American voter in this election process. Scott Walker tried a last minute desperate move in convincing former Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt to parade him around town recently surprising several Church goers, and announcing his endorsement of Walker. This move was desperate and sad, but they believe that the African American voter is that easy…it is up to you to prove how ridiculous that move was by casting your vote for Barrett.

Senator Feingold and Mayor Barrett have engaged the African American voter from the beginning of their campaigns. Another last minute move for Walker, he appeared by telephone on WMCS 1290 earlier this week and spoke to Earl Ingram. He did his same song and dodge dance, eluded hard questions with the same campaign slogans. His promise to create 250,000 jobs if he is elected governor. How Scott? Where is his record on creating 250 jobs for Milwaukee County? A county where privatization took away hundreds of family income supported jobs. During the primary debates with Mark Neumann his proudly proclaimed that he would take money away from Badger- Care. After negative public reaction, his has changed his mind. A common occurrence for Walker, he has changed his mind so many times according to the audience that he is speaking in front of, it will give you make you dizzy trying to keep track.

And what about these republican influenced polls? The Rasmussen Report, how many African American voters have been polled by this poll system? It was recently reported that the president of Rasmussen Reports, Scott Rasmussen is taking a cruise with Karl Rove and other conservative luminaries just after the November elections. These polls typically give Republicans a 6-point boost over other polls.

Forget the polls, African American voters have the power to make the difference in this election…Get up and get out and vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

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