Africas Gift To America

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The history of man on this planet from prehistoric times until now is a continuous whole. There is no fact, however remote, that does not have a bearing of greater or less importance on the destiny of the whole human race. Much has been buried, lost, forgotten but within man’s consciousness is a burning desire to know as much of as possible. Within the past four centuries this desire has increased until today there is no civilized land without a museum. In these museums are mementos of the past which though they might seem valueless to some, are precious to scientists, scholars, thinkers. On excavations in Upper Egypt I noticed that every spadeful of earth was carefully sifted lest some article of the ancient past be lost, even down to a bead. this book pays homage to Africa’s rich history and how it pertains to America.

Author:J.A. Rogers

Africa’s Gift to America





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