Alderwoman Coggs seeks word on status of strip search/cavity search investigations

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Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs sent letters today to Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and Fire and Police Commission Executive Director Mike Tobin (both attached) requesting status updates on the investigations into alleged illegal strip searches and body cavity searches by MPD personnel.

Alderwoman Coggs said public interest in the investigations has not waned, and residents are looking for information. “It has been months since the investigations were launched, and nothing has been shared with members of the Common Council or the public,” she said.

I think it behooves Chief Flynn and Mr. Tobin to expedite the release of some information, so the public is not left thinking that nothing is happening,” Alderwoman Coggs said.

Soon after the troubling allegations surfaced earlier this year, a secret John Doe investigation was launched by Milwaukee County prosecutors. In April, the Council approved a resolution sponsored by Alderwoman Coggs requesting the Police Department and the Fire and Police Commission to report the findings of the investigations, highlighting the lessons learned from those investigations, within 30 days of conclusion of the investigations.









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