AMAC Chief Warns Obama May Benefit If Supreme Court Overturns Obamacare

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‘We need to be prepared for this ironic, but potentially dangerous chain of events.’

BOHEMIA, NY June 15 – If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare this month, it could help President Obama and his Congressional backers in November, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“It could take the ‘hot potato’ issue off the table for voters, allowing Mr. Obama to initiate an aggressive post-election push for a new, equally unappetizing nationalized health care plan if he wins,” Weber said.

“We need to be prepared for this ironic, but potentially dangerous chain of events.”

Washington’s influential online newspaper, Roll Call, published an Opinion Article by the AMAC chief this week in which he offered advice to legislators opposed to what he has called “one of the most onerous pieces of legislation” ever proposed in D.C.

“Should the court strike down the law, Members should immediately take to the floor and pass a resolution warning Obama not to repeat his earlier attack on the court. Then they should introduce the sort of market-based reforms that would establish barriers to any future attempts at nationalized health care. Tax incentives for doctors who care for the indigent would do much to eliminate the problem of the uninsured while strengthening the kind of private practice and medical entrepreneurship that government and big health care institutions discourage.

“If the court strikes down the individual mandate but leaves in place the rest of the law, both chambers should repeal or defund its remaining parts. Two good places to start would be the Independent Payment Advisory Board and the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.

“Finally, if the court keeps the law in place, then the House should do another repeal vote while opponents in the Senate should at least try to schedule one.”

Mr. Weber’s full OpEd piece is available at

The article talks about how the law’s passage in 2010 “spooked American business” and did incalculable damage to the nation’s hopes for a quick recovery from “the Obama recession.”

It recalls how big businesses took multimillion-dollar health care write offs, noting that AT&T’s write off was a “cool million.” And it blames the law on unprecedented hikes of 20% to 40% in health care costs for small businesses, which directly stymied job creation.

“The opportunity is at hand to put this issue front and center this fall.” It will also provide a chance “to highlight an historic lesson in how government suffocates economic growth. Perhaps we can “finally kill off the idea of a nationalized health care system,” Weber suggested, noting that “public opposition has hardened and grown, with some polls showing more than 60 percent of the public opposing the individual mandate and 60 percent of doctors citing damage to patient care and their practice.”

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