America's growing appetite for restaurant gift cards

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Each year millions of shoppers struggle to pick the perfect gift without going over their budget.  

Restaurant gift cards have been growing steadily each year in popularity for the winter holiday season. A gift card is a flexible present that honors the recipient’s ability to pick their own perfect item. This has made it one of the most given and most wanted items. While gift cards were once limited to relationships that weren’t very close, you can now give these cards or certificates to spouses and children. Instead of trying to guess what they need based on their interests, you can simply hand over a pre-paid card that allows them to make the choice.

According to the National Restaurant Association, about 32 percent of consumers receive a gift card as a gift over the holiday season. Restaurant gift cards are one of the most popular types to give. Since the recession has had a freezing effect on the dining habits of many Americans, a restaurant gift card allows the recipient to enjoy a nice dinner without worrying about picking up the tab. This is part of a greater trend of interest in experience based gifts rather than giving goods. Experiences have a longer effect on your mood, and can be far less expensive than a new watch or television set for the buyer.

Almost all major chains offer a gift certificate or prepaid card option, including Red Lobster, T.G.I. Friday’s and Outback Steakhouse. Local, independent restaurants also offer these options because they know that it brings in guaranteed business.











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