America’s Most Outrageous Burger Toppings Revealed Just in Time for Prime Burger Season

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It’s beginning to be prime burger season with Memorial Day coming up and summer just around the corner. For those tired of covering their patties with the same old condiments like ketchup, mustard or mayo, The Daily Meal—the site that houses all things food and drink—has found the restaurants across the country with the most over-the-top burger toppings to help get the creative juices flowing.

The places on this list have taken burger trimmings to their next level, crowning theirs with zany ingredients like disks of gooey, deep-fried gravy or even hot fudge and vanilla ice cream.

Here’s a taste of some of the most outrageous burger dressings:

  • · California Roll Burger, 26 Beach (Los Angeles, CA)—26 Beach claims to be the originator of the sushi hamburger, and this surf-and-turf combination is quite a feat. Chef Katsu’s Original California Roll Burger includes an Angus beef burger topped with snow crab, avocado, pickled ginger, baby mixed greens, tomato, nori strips, and shoyu-wasabi aioli.
  • · Shrimp and Grits Stuffed Burger, The Nook on Piedmont Park (Atlanta, GA)—This burger cheats the list a little bit because the star of the show is stuffed inside the burger rather than perched on top. That said, this burger has plenty to offer by way of toppings as well — the patty is stuffed with a combination of sautéed shrimp and Gouda cheese, then topped with a grit cake, Andouille sausage, and tomato beurre blanc sauce.
  • · Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak, Primanti Bros. (Pittsburgh, PA)—This outrageously large burger is big enough to share with plenty of friends. It starts with a burger topped with melted provolone cheese, then topped with a mountain of french fries, tomato, and sweet-and-sour coleslaw, all piled into crusty Italian bread. It’s a complete meal in a single bite.
  • · Hot Fudge Sundae Burger, McGuire’s Irish Pub (Pensacola, FL)—Comprised of Black Angus beef, this ¾-pound burger is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot fudge sauce. It’s not unheard of to dip french fries in a milkshake (in fact, Wendy’s fries dipped in a Frosty is a cult classic combination), but combining the whole burger and fries meal with a sundae? That’s a whole new concept.
  • · The Crazy Jamaican Burger, Hillside Quickie (Seattle, WA)—The patty is made of tofu marinated in jerk seasonings and topped with plantains, grilled sweet onions, potato salad, and vegan mayo. The potato salad is the real kicker. To find more ridiculous burger toppings, visit:

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