Annie J. Jackson celebrates 100 years of life

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Annie J. Jackson celebrated 100 years of life this past Monday, November 18, 2013. A celebration of her birth was held Saturday, at Old Country Buffet, 6538 W. Brown Deer Road. Jackson is the only living charter member (one of 17 original congregants) of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, which was founded in May of 1956, at 2747 N, 4th St. Jackson served on the Mission Board and was its first president. She was also an usher. Even though she is now wheel chair bound and unable to attend church services, Jackson continues to support the church she loves spiritually and financially. Born November 18, 1913 in Hopten, Ala., Jackson grew up in Adamsville, Ala., where she grew up and enjoyed farm life with her parents and four siblings. Reflecting on her century of life, Jackson noted because her family produced everything they needed, she didn’t realize growing up how poor they were. Jackson said one of the most vivid memories from her childhood was going to work with her mother. She remembered how patient her mother was instructing her in the art of southern cooking and cleaning. Jackson said cooking is still her favorite activity. As a matter of fact she is already preparing for Thanksgiving. She has already cleaned 30Ibs of chitterlings! Jackson said it gives her a great deal of satisfaction cooking the holiday meal for her entire family; having them sit down at the table and thank God for all their blessings. After the death of her mother, Jackson left Adamsville and moved with her two children, Jonathan and Arlene (both deceased) to Milwaukee in 1945 to join her sister and two brothers. Jackson found work at the Patrick Cudahy meat packing company. She was also worked at Veteran’s Hospital and American Can Company, where she worked for 23 years before retiring in 1976. In retirement, Jackson was a volunteer with Lutheran Services calling the elderly and determining their needs and refer them to needed services. On March 12, 1950, Jackson married Junior Lee Jackson, who was the proprietor of the Party House Inn, located at 234 E. Vine Street. He held the position for 30 years. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Jackson was able to provide help for many people in the community. The couple had one child together, Valerie Jackson. Mr. Jackson died in 1982. Jackson also helped her daughter Arlene raise her two children—Jackson’s grandchildren—Venus (A.J. Cutter, spouse) and Raven. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Jackson still pursues her other passion besides cooking, fishing. Happy 100th Annie Jackson! And may you have many more!


Annie J. Jackson celebrated 100 years of life

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