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Confession versus Repentance … Godfather Style

by Rev. Roxanne Cardenas, M.Divb

I did not mean to do it. It was a complete accident. There I was, scrolling through the cable offerings and there it was: “Godfather III.”

I knew that when I pressed the select button on the remote that the next few hours of my evening would be absorbed in the series that made Al Pacino a household name.

I was not even born when Pacino first began the Godfather series as Michael Corleone.  However, there is something special about this particular series. In its own way, although based on an Italian immigrant family, the storyline is reflective of life for many cultures.

From the journey to America, getting adjusted to life in a new land and dealing with difficult family dynamics; some part of the story is tangible to all viewers.

In Godfather III the lead character, Michael Corleone, is facing health challenges as his life is coming to an end. He is sitting in an enclosed patio having a private moment with a priest who is literally begging him to confess his sins.

Struggling to overcome the effects of a diabetic reaction he says to the priest, “What is the point of confession if I don’t repent.” Don Corleone understood that confession alone would not save him.

The word “repentance” in the Greek means “to change one’s mind.”  Corleone knew that his mind was not changed from the being a gangster, liar, and murderer.

Many times, people count on being able to confess their sins at the last moments of their lives and escaping the spiritual consequences of what they have done, but the question remains has your mind been changed?

The Lord has called us to examine ourselves and come to the same conclusions that Corleone did, we have to have a change of mind in order for the confession to have any true value. What things do you need to change your mind about?

Monday: James 1:18

Tuesday: Romans 10:9

Wednesday: Matthew 3:2

Thursday: 2 Chronicles 7:12-16

Friday: Psalm 73

Saturday: Zechariah 1:4

Sunday: Head to Church

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