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by Rev. Roxanne Cardenas, M.Div

It took almost all winter, but it finally happened; the weatherman declared that a major storm was coming. Within hours people rushed to the store to buy food and snow supplies. Salt and shovels flew off of the shelves and made retailers check their calendars to see if Black Friday had returned early. People were determined not to be stranded without every possible comfort they could want.

On an average day my house has more candles than a Yankee Candle display, but we had to get rid of the cute candles, whose primary purpose it is to scent the room and match the décor, to make room for the long burning candles just in case the lights went out.

I made plans to close our church’s educational center during the heaviest part of the storm. MPS followed suit which only confirmed I had made the right decision. I began to check my date book and make sure that I rescheduled my appointments. It did not matter who it was, I wasn’t going out in a blizzard to see them! It amazes me how we are able to prioritize more effectively in a crisis. Suddenly, how much money you make isn’t quite as important.

The kind of car you drive does not matter – all you want to know is how good the tires and brakes are; not the perceived fanciness of the exterior or the number of unnecessary buttons that are configured on the interior.

When facing a major storm with unknown consequences we make sure we are safe, our loved ones are accounted for and our homes are attended to. We prepare; then we wait.

We wait watching a television that is sure to fail us should we lose power. We wait believing total strangers, while lookout around in anticipation of what is unseen.

Given our alertness to the seasons of nature, how can we be so oblivious and carefree regarding the seasons in the spirit and in our lives. Have you planned for one of the biggest days of your life – your death?

I’ll defer to experts like Brother Williamson, Brother Bell, Sister Pitts-Luckett and Brother Frazier to write an article exposing that many of us in the black community haven’t even prepared enough in the natural for our deaths.

No life insurance, no will, no power of attorney (therefore everybody thinks they are in charge) and no obituary.

Countless people die leaving families to struggle to figure out how they will pay for Sister so-and-so or Brother so-and-so to be buried. They bought cars, homes, clothes and furniture while they were living, but never took the time to make final plans to leave here and yes, we are ALL leaving here one day.

Worse yet, there are even more people who have made no arraignments for their soul. Like the impending storm, they have been warned. The signs were all around them. People that they knew and loved called and tried to prepare them and encourage them to get ready to no avail.

How well have you REALLY prepared? Have you prepared more for the storm than for your soul?

If you died today, in this very moment, would you be ready? Are you saved? Have you accomplished what He created you to do on the earth? Or was it your plan to stand at the gate of heaven and plead your cases stating, “See, what had happened was…” Excuses will not do.

Just as there is a price to pay for your funeral whether you planned for it or not, there is a price to pay spiritually if you are not prepared to meet your Maker. The word declares that EVERY knee shall bow to Christ and every tongue confess to God (Romans 14:11 KJV).

I love you and I want you to be prepared. You matter to God and it is not His desire that anyone is lost. (Matthew 18:14) Please take time RIGHT NOW to make sure you are truly prepared.

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