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You were designed by God!

by Rev. Roxanne Cardenas, M.Div

Recently I was reading some automobile reviews on the internet. The awesome thing about the internet is that you can read the professional reviews that provide very clinical information, yet you can also read what everyday drivers thought about the car.

It was good to hear directly from an owner, particularly if they regretted their purchase. Likewise it is encouraging when people express how they love a vehicle’s make, model or ability.

Owners logged on and began to playfully argue about what vehicle was better. They told stories of mountain top adventures, muddy trails and bragged that one car could hold three car seats comfortably without the kids kicking the seat in front of them.

Finally two bloggers began to talk about a certain SUV’s lack of power. They went on to critique the number of cylinders, the vehicle weight, towing capacity and visibility. After reading the other contributors thoughts another writer chimed in, “Hey, it’s an SUV! If you want speed, buy a sports car!”

Although short, the truth of the comment rang true. Everything is designed for a certain task. An SUV is not designed to race from a stoplight to 75mph in nine seconds. Likewise, we would be very nervous on the road if we saw a Corvette towing a large fishing boat.

Everything is designed for the task at hand. When something, or someone, is being used for a purpose they were not designed for it is called abuse. A spouse is not designed for hitting, a child is not designed for molesting, a dog is not designed for maliciously fighting, a church is not designed for discord and you and I are not designed to ingest harmful substances.

God thought our purpose out and gave us everything that was needed to get our assignments done during our brief stay here.

Often we waste decades of our lives wishing that we were designed another way. We are like an SUV that is jealous of the “corvette” for its speed only to find that the sports car got its feelings hurt when no one asks it to tow another car.

We have to celebrate who we are individually designed to be. Our differences are worth celebrating, not lamenting over. NASCAR would be no fun if it was all SUV’s and no one with a sports car has ever been asked by a friend to help move!

Likewise, whether you are and “SUV” or “Corvette” you have a divine and sacred purpose. God has something special for you to do and there is a way that He has called you to do it.

Do not spend another day making excuses about why you can’t accomplish your goals or why you can’t do something bigger (or different) than anything your fore parents tried. They dared to do the seemingly impossible and our lives are better because of it – now it is our turn!

Are you flowing with your God-given design or are you wasting time on earth complaining about your features and comparing yourself to another model. Trust me, God made you exactly how He wanted you.

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