Anointed Thoughts: Accept No Substitute

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Anointed Thoughts by Rev. Roxanne Cardenas, M.Div

I generally try to be supportive of my mother’s adventures. Lord knows how supportive she has been of mine over the years.

As I have written about many times, my mother is quite the character! Her energy is seemingly limitless. I truly believe that part of her abundance of energy comes from the fact that she strives to take care of herself physically as well as spiritually.

So at 70 plus she still climbs ladders, wields a saw occasionally, (don’t ask) and attempts to shovel snow even though I have a service scheduled to do it. Her philosophy is that there is no point in paying someone to do what you can do yourself. This apparently is the standard for back-breaking labor that threatens my life and limbs but does not apply to easy stuff like washing your own hair – a task I have only witnessed her do once in 34 years.  So we pay for shampoo but we can patch the roof ourselves – but I digress.

Recently I noticed that the butter dish was empty. This seemed like impossibility because my mother buys butter by the cartful so that she has an ample supply when she bakes cakes. The second and third day passed without butter in the dish and so I looked in the dishwasher to see if perhaps the butter dish was out of service or being cleaned. The butter dish being empty wouldn’t have been a big deal had there been butter in the little door in the refrigerator, but alas that too was empty. Houston we have a problem.

I looked on the table and there was this tub of foolishness sitting there and I realized that there had been a communication breakdown between my mother and me. I like butter, apparently my mother had taken up the banner of fake butter.

So there I stood with whole wheat toast beautifully browned with nothing to spread on it except this, “I-can’t-believe-its-butter-flavored-soybean-oil-with-no-taste!” In an effort to be a good sport about the whole thing I attempted to use the tub of foolishness but apparently soybeans don’t melt well over toast. I tasted it and I CAN believe it’s not butter! No matter how much I love my mother, this was one experiment she would do solo. I searched the butter reserve in the deep freezer and found a few bars of buttery gold! Starting with new slices, I was able to enjoy my toast because I would accept no substitutes.

I began to wonder what would happen to Christians if they refused the foolishness and pressed their way until they found the truth. What if we stopped falling for cheap imitations and began to really search for the real thing. Sin is designed to look good but we know in our hearts that it’s not. Even if I had shut my eyes and thought about happy things, I would have known that I was not consuming butter.

Many times in life we are disappointed about things we sample that make big promises but produce little results, only to find out that we should never accept substitutes spiritually.

This week, make a conscientious decision to live for God and do what the Word of God has called us to do. Accept no substitutes! Don’t date a substitute, don’t work in morally compromised environments, and don’t worship where there are no signs of life of power. Accept no substitutes!

Christ died so that you can have the real thing – HIM! He wants you to have power, peace and provision. Therefore anything that does not give you life, and that more abundantly or lead you to an expected end of victory and deliverance is not from God, it’s just a substitute.

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