Anointed Thoughts: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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by Rev. Roxanne Cardenas

Experts in environmental studies have worked tirelessly, especially in the last decade, to promote conservation and overall awareness. One of the foundational slogans of the campaign has been, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Organizers understood that without making the concepts of conservation elaborate and unattainable they could accomplish their goal of preserving the earth’s resources.  Each person was asked to do their part. No singular person, including President Obama, has the capacity to change the world’s environment by their efforts alone.  Each person has the responsibility to do as much as they can within their sphere of influence.

Looking at their own treasures and trash each person was challenged with deciding what items needed to be kept and what needed to be discarded, and how it should be discharged. Collective accountability was encouraged through personal responsibility.

Likewise spiritually, we have to take personal inventory and responsibility for the condition of our “spiritual landscape.”

Reduce the clutter in your spirit. No matter how important you are, we all have some things on our plates that we can eliminate. There are some unimportant issues. Some boards, organizations and non-religious groups that we resign from in an effort to move the spiritual clutter from our hearts, minds and lives.

Sometimes in an effort to minister to the families of others, we forget to structure concrete family time in our own homes. Replace a meeting with family night and watch how your effort to “reduce” is rewarded in better communication, improved relationships and personal stability.

Reuse what you already have. There is a time for new friendships and new relationships, however, we also need to be able to take time to cultivate and minister to the friendships that already exist.

When was the last time that you showed an old friend that their friendship was a blessing to you? Have you written a note to encourage them lately the way that they have encouraged you? When was the last time that you made meeting with them just to laugh and talk a priority? Thank God for the new people in your life, but do not forget to enjoy enduring friendships.

Recycle the scriptures that got you where you are. The Word of God never grows old and it is imperative that while you are in a good place you revisit the scriptures that carried you through difficult times.

I want you to know that the same passages of scripture will have different meaning to you at different times of your life. Begin to actively work to memorize the scriptures that keep you encouraged and engaged in the journey for spiritual growth.

Monday: Psalm 103

Tuesday: Psalm 1

Wednesday: Proverbs 14

Thursday: Philippians 4

Friday: Nehemiah 1

Saturday: Nehemiah 2

Sunday: Head to Church

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