Apps help parents track sex offenders for safe Trick-or-Treating

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Apps help parents track sex offenders for safe Trick-or-Treating  

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Cody Packer is spending the day playing with his friend, Jasmine, at the Eau Claire library. But in less than two weeks, he is looking forward to trick-or-treating with his parents.

His mom, Cassandra Packer, says their family follows all the basic rules on Halloween night.

“We wear a bright costume and all stick together,” she said.

While Packer keeps her kids close, many older kids will go out by themselves. We showed Packer one of many apps parents will find helpful that tell you where sex offenders live.

It was Packer’s first time seeing the app and hearing about some of the laws sex offenders are required to follow on Halloween night. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections says there are a few things sex offenders on parole cannot do on Halloween.

“Their porch lights cannot be on during trick-or-treating, they can’t display Halloween decorations, and cannot have big bowls of candy out for Trick-or-Treaters,” said Grace Roberts with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

She added they cannot also be outside of the house one hour before or after a city’s trick-or-treat hours.

Even so, parents may find comfort in knowing where sex offenders live.

“I really don’t want my children around people like that, I want my children safe,” Packer said.

We put the Life 360 app to the test, taking it to a couple Eau Claire neighborhoods.

At Birch and Putnam in Eau Claire, we found 9 registered sex offenders living within a 3 block radius.









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