Are you using what you need for the job?

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I remember years ago I was washing my car in the driveway. I thought I was doing a fantastic job. I had a hose, a bucket, rags and soap. I lathered the car up section by section.

Suddenly, a dear friend pulled into the driveway. We seemed to have pleasant enough exchange when he first got out of the car until he got closer to my car and saw that I was using dish soap to wash the car. I don’t think I have ever seen a man that mad in my life.

He yelled and asked me repeatedly, “what would make you use dish soap on a car?” He then went on to answer the question with plausible answers as only angry men do. “The auto parts store must have been closed or the fact that it’s called DISH soap must have thrown you off!”

Amused by his anger at what I deem a trivial matter, I laughed. Wrong move. Seeing that rage and sarcasm wasn’t working, he took a breath then calmly discussed in scientific terms the molecular damage I was doing to the paint polymers…blah, blah, blah.

Seeing that I was clearly not as emotionally invested in my paint job as he was, he stopped trying to make me care, grabbed the garden hose and rinsed the car off with the intentionality of a beautician trying to get relaxer off before your scalp starts burning.

Every nook and cranny was rinsed and he shaking his head at me, left with the car. I did not bother to ask where he was going as I was already on thin ice for my inappropriate use of dish soap. I suppose he took the car to Urgent Care. Wherever he went, when he returned the car was cleaner than I had ever seen it. Apparently the “doctors” at automotive urgent care were just as appalled as he was by my soap choice and worked tirelessly to save their four-wheeled patient.

I received a lecture on the importance of using the right tools for the job. After seeing the results, I was much more interested than I was two hours earlier and after that day, I decided to leave the lather to the experts.

Likewise, when we look at the things of God we have to ask ourselves, are we using the right tools to get the job done?  Have you looked at your assignment lately and asked, “What tools do I need to do what God has assigned me to do?” Is it time to return to school? Is the assignment God has given you requiring you to get organized, in shape or closer to your family? What tools do you need to get, maintain or let go of in order to be the “you” God designed you to be.

Although I could have washed the car with dish soap the reality is there was a better way.  There has to come a point in life where we are no longer simply trying to do the bare minimum to get by. We have to move forward and use the fullness of the gifts available to us to be successful spiritually, professionally, physically and emotionally.


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