Arrested Development’s ‘Speech’ pens ‘I’ma Fight Back Right Now’ to tackle unplanned pregnancies

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Teen sex, peer pressure and unplanned pregnancy are issues our community has been dealing with for several decades.

While teen pregnancy figures have been dropping, the number of single-parented families forces many talented parents to drop out of school and that often restricts the families’ economic potential; and the child’s launch educationally, economically and socially.

This phenomenon is not limited to Milwaukee. It is national in scope. Christelyn Karazin, of California, moved by the inability to match anti-early sex messages with dominant sex-filled messages began “ No Wedding-No Womb,” a California non-profit.

The corporation calls upon men and women to be mindful of the huge responsibility and privilege they have when bringing a child into the world.

With 73% of black children being born before marriage, the issue demands a battle-cry song.

Celebrities have just as much influence as the President and perhaps the actions of JayZ and Beyonce will inspire fans to follow their lead. The power couple dated, married and now awaits their baby, a rarity among black couples in the spotlight. Many could see them as role models,” Karazan said.

Speech, two-time Grammy Award winning leader of Arrested Development, launched a new single, “I’ma Fight Back Right Now” last Thursday, at midnight.

The song features R&B singer Kamren and is highlighted on the “No Wedding No Womb” website. Speech in his lyrics speaks about the realities of life when young couples do not wait.

I’ma Fight Back Right Now” swings, sings and bumps with down beats and challenges teens to “fight back, right now,” just as Beyonce told listeners “if you want it, you better put a ring on it.”

No Wedding No Womb” profoundly supports teens through mentoring, workshops and speakers, and encourages them to think before they act.

The program asks couples to commit to one another before committing their children to a single-parented experience. Every child deserves two parents.

I’ma Fight Back Right Now” says it best and “No Wedding, No Womb” will take the message home day after day, everyday.

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