As flu cases spike, restaurants take precautions

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There are places and foods to avoid or to at least to approach more carefully if you want to dodge this winter’s outbreaks of norovirus. Some involve a new strain, likely causing the uptick in cases.

About half of all food-borne illness is caused by norovirus “In fact, norovirus is the leading cause of illness from contaminated food in the United States,” according to CDC. It says foods commonly involved in outbreaks of norovirus illness are:

    Leafy greens (such as lettuce),

    Fresh fruits, and

    Shellfish (such as oysters).

“But, any food that is served raw or handled after being cooked can get contaminated,” warns CDC.

Food handlers are most contagious when they are actually sick or during the first three days of recovery.

 Food handlers are advised to wash their hands “carefully and frequently” with soap and water, wash fruits and vegetables and cook shellfish thoroughly, clean and disinfect kitchens, utensils, counters, and all surfaces, and wash table linens, napkins, and other items thoroughly.–Article courtesy of Food Service News










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