Ask for what you want

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This Valentine’s Day our church held a cookie fundraiser. We were amazed at the number of people who absolutely loved the cookies and continued to order for weeks afterward. Honestly, it was never our intention to open a bakery.

Through a series of interesting and admittedly difficult events our church creatively began to think of ways to thank people for their support. To this end we began making cookies on a regular basis as a way to thank people for their donations.

Our church is a mission driven church and most of our revenue goes to helping people outside of our four walls; having revenue is critical to serving. Little did we know that in saying “thank you” with our cookies, we would find a source of revenue to move forward with our mission.

I truly believe that the Lord has a great sense of humor. It seems at times that the plans we have for our lives are altered by Him in the most creative ways. Honestly, as you look over your life, I am sure that you too have had moments that you would have designed differently had you been given an opportunity.

If God had just asked you first, you would have told him that you would have been more than happy to pass on the trial, the tragedy, the illness, the scandal, the job loss or the divorce. Yet, in retrospect you also realize that you grew in the face of those things in a way that you would not have if you had not endured those specific challenges.

We understand through these events that God is sovereign and totally in control. We can not make Him do anything. We can not force His hand. He is not limited to our finite thinking or desires. He is God and He decides what needs to happen and when. Even still, God compels us to ask for what we want with the knowledge that He is also a benevolent God and a good God who seeks to give us the desires of our heart.

As we bake cookies we realized that making cookies is amazingly akin to cooking steak. Everyone likes them a different way. Extra soft, extra crisp, in between, Chocolate chip with no chips, oatmeal raisin with cranberries and pineapple, Chocolate Chip with peanuts, gluten free and extra sugar; we have learned that people are not afraid to ask for what they want no matter how seemingly strange.

So if we can order a cookie, a burger or even a car to our exact specifications. What makes us lack confidence when we pray? Are we not certain that God is more than able? Surely, we have to know that while we can not simply “order” the life we want, we also are the children of a loving parent who seeks to meet us at the very point of our need.

We need to approach God boldly (Hebrews 4:16) and trust that we can ask for what we want. When God answers and He will answer, we need to rest in the knowledge that He is going to do what is best for us. This week, ask for what you want.







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