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Tracy Dent

“My name is Tracey Dent and I am running for 17th assembly district. My current track record consists of being a Legislative Assistant to State Representative Elizabeth M Coggs, and a committed, productive member of Milwaukee’s urban area. Through Peace for Change Alliance,

“I have worked with our youth to curb violence and positively express themselves, created programs that actively work to reduce neighborhood issues such as education and crime, and I have addressed problems right where they occur in the streets.”

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tracey graduated from North Division High School and pursued a degree in Accounting at UW-Milwaukee.

Over the years, Tracey made numerous accomplishments. Amongst others his most recent nomination was for The Grassroots Organizer Award which is presented to that social activist who goes above and beyond any expectation of a volunteer.

The nominee believes in the Democratic causes for which he fights and creates positive energy for others. Other nominations include a community service award by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and a community service award from Metropolitan Milwaukee Alliance of Black School Educators. Additional accomplishments range from a black belt in Tae kwon Do to being named Champion Achiever by YMCA Black Achievers in 2003.

Tracey is a member of the NAACP, Aurora Siani Thought Leaders (a Think Tank), and member of the Human Trafficking Task Force, sits on the Advisory Council for The Blood Center of Wisconsin, is a member of the Urban League Young Professionals and member of the advisory council of the Dominican Center for Women.

“In addition to my role as President for PCA, I was the Vice President of 100 Black Men of Greater Milwaukee and founder of the Milwaukee Walk Toward Wellness and also founded the Getting it Together for a Brighter Future College Fair.”

Tracey formed a partnership with the Milwaukee Police Department. This partnership, endorsed by Assistant Chief of Police James Harpole, is aimed at reducing crime in the community and building trust between law enforcement and Milwaukee residents.

Why Dent is running for office

Tracey Dent is a community activist at heart, but working for State Representative Elizabeth M. Coggs “on the front lines” during last year’s tumultuous legislative session made him want to serve the community as an elected official.

Tracy says it’s time to take the steps needed to bring peace, jobs with living wages, safety, education, and resources that will benefit all and create communities that bring back the pride Milwaukee once enjoyed.

Tracey will continue building relationships to get things done.

He wants to establish district-wide business, neighborhood and youth associations.

Tracey has experience in Milwaukee, relationships with Democrats and Republicans, and he is respected in the community, and Tracey is on the front lines.

Dent said he would continue building relationships to get things done. He wants to establish district-wide business, neighborhood and youth associations.

What is the most important issue to tackle?

Education–Due to the recent budget cuts and teachers lay-offs; Milwaukee has one of the worst graduation rates and one of the highest drop-out rates in the country. Tracey wants to raise performance standards and require all teachers—whether they’re in public, charter or voucher schools—to be certified.

State funds should follow the student, so if a student leaves a charter or voucher school for the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), the money for that student flows to MPS.


La Tonya Johnson

La Tonya Johnson is the mother of a beautiful 15 year old daughter named Sydney, owner of an In-Home Licensed childcare center, Vice – President of AFSCME District Council 48, President of AFSCME Local 502; Milwaukee Child Care Providers Together, Chair of AFSCME’s Women Committee and graduate of Emerge Wisconsin class of 2012.

As a longtime resident of the district, La Tonya is concerned about the quality of life for the residents of the 17th District and the economic stability of our city in general.

“I moved to Milwaukee when I was 12 years old with my grandmother, and extended family. We relocated here with nothing but the clothes we had packed in garbage bags and the belief that life would be better here because there were more opportunities.

“I left my mother, two younger brothers, all of my belongings, the only home I had ever known and all of my friends. Because of my families sacrifice and the available opportunities in this city (Milwaukee). I was the first in four generations to not become a teenage mother, but the first in my family to graduate from college, own a home, a small business, and now run for public office.

“I knew Milwaukee was losing a lot of quality leaders and representation at a time when we desperately needed it most. We were losing Barbara Toles, Tamara Grisby, Spencer Coggs, plus the possibility of losing additional Democratic seats as a result of redistricting.

“I also knew the issues facing our community were too great to be left to chance. The 17th District is a wonderful area to live, work and raise a family, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our challenges.

“As with any district we have areas that are hurting from lack of jobs, foreclosure, gradual rises in crime and we can’t allow these areas to simply be forgotten.

“As a single mother, and vested member of this community I don’t want my child or your children to be forced to leave this state in search of opportunities elsewhere, or to graduate from college and not earn enough money to repay their student loans.

“I want our hardworking families to be rewarded with family supporting wages so they won’t have to rely on economic assistance to make ends meet, I want our homeowners to be able to keep their homes without living in fear of foreclosure and declining property values, but most important I want this city to have enough educational and employment opportunities to not only support the talent we have but to attract talent from other areas around the world. This isn’t simply a want, but my purpose for running for office and a “Cause” I will diligently fight for.

“The 17th District Assembly race isn’t just an open seat but an opportunity for the residents to elect a quality candidate who will stand up and fight to protect and preserve the values and quality of life our residents so desperately deserve.

“Milwaukee is more than just my home it was my family’s second chance at life, and I refuse to believe or accept that it now no longer has anything left to offer.







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