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Jarett Fields

“I was born and raised in Milwaukee’s 18th Assembly District. My parents taught me the value of service to our community, my education and work reflects that lesson.

“I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Africology from UWM, a Master’s degree in Afro-American studies from UCLA, and a second Master’s degree in History from UW Madison.

“I teach classes like Managing Cultural Diversity, World History, and US History because I believe education is the key to determining our future.

“Professionally, I am committed to helping students earn college degrees. I’ve worked to make higher education degrees attainable to low income and minority students.

“It is imperative that we build a system of success for our students. Currently, I run a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program at UWM to help minority students earn degrees in those areas. When our students succeed, our community succeeds.

“I’m running because I believe Milwaukee needs a new kind of elected leadership. We need leaders that are forward looking who believe in collaboration. We need leaders who are aware that the old strategies to creating jobs, educating children and keeping us healthy will not work as we move into the 21st century.

“Growing up and living in the 18th Assembly District, my life reflects the struggles of many other residents. Our high unemployment, struggling schools, and home foreclosures require that we stand together.

““Let’s Stand Together” is my campaign’s call to action because we can no longer rely on those whose experiences do not reflect our struggles. We must stand together to reach our fullest potential.

“One of the key issues in this election is jobs. I will work with city and state leaders to make job opportunities available at all levels.

“That means increasing job training programs, supporting economic growth efforts, and making it easier to connect jobs with job seekers. As State Representative, I would support initiatives like Transform Milwaukee, in order to create jobs.

“ I would also increase money for minority and female-owned businesses and use federal funds to grow our current small businesses as well as attract new businesses.

Another key issue is education. As an educator, I’m interested in improving the culture of education in Milwaukee to promote college success and job readiness. We must build a system of success for students from kindergarten through college.

“This ensures a more skilled and sustainable. As State Representative, I would support partnerships between our K-12 schools, our universities, and local businesses. In addition, I would increase our math and science standards so that any student graduating from a Milwaukee high school is better prepared for college success.

“Finally, I would increase funds to the Wisconsin Covenant to ensure money for college is available to low-income, minority students.

“On Tuesday, August 14th, we have an important choice. Leadership that will keep Milwaukee on a slow path to improvement or leadership that will bring us securely into the 21st century. My passion to improve the 18th Assembly District and the city was instilled in me at an early age.

“I want to be the leader of your choice because I believe we need new ideas to empower our community through legislation and to inspire our community to stand together.


Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker is a proven community leader and problem solver who devotes his life to making Milwaukee a better place to live.

He has lived in this District for nearly all of his life. He grew up on 48th Street near North Avenue and attended Steuben Middle School and Washington High School.

He went on to Marquette University and received his degree in Business Administration. He is a local business owner, a husband and father of two children who attended Milwaukee Public Schools.

Growing up on the North side of Milwaukee and attending Washington High School, Andrew learned early the importance of determination, commitment and integrity. He is especially focused on involvement in the community.

He learned many life lessons by growing up in the city and thriving in a racially integrated public school. He learned that hard work and open minded thinking can overcome the challenges posed by racial bias and unjust economics. Andrew is a Native American Indian, and would be the first enrolled tribal member ever elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

He made his home in the Concordia Historic District on Milwaukee’s West Side, and became a very active community leader and historic preservation expert.

He helped found Historic Concordia Neighbors, Inc. an organization that is well known for its annual tour of historic homes, and Indian Summer Festival, which is one of Milwaukee’s premier events at the Summerfest grounds. He and His wife purchased and completely restored a boarded up rooming house on 31st and Wells Street and created Manderley Bed and Breakfast, one of the finest Bed and Breakfast Inns in Wisconsin. He knows how to get things done and he cares about what happens here.

Job creation and economic development in this District is Andrew’s number one priority.

With a background in small business development and a degree in Business Administration from Marquette University, Andrew knows firsthand the challenges that businesses in this area face.

New and growing businesses need help and support to create family supporting jobs, health insurance, and career options for our youth.

Strong schools create strong communities. For too long the educational opportunities for our young people have been deteriorating.

Our children and our schools need our help. Andrew is committed to helping our children lead successful and purposeful lives.


Evan Goyke

“I am running for the State Assembly to “fight for our bite of the apple,” to bring as many state resources back to the 18th District as possible.

“My campaign is founded upon the principles of adequately funding public schools, protecting the environment, and expanding local transportation. I will seek to build a strong Milwaukee delegation in the State Assembly to support these critical needs.

“In addition to the issues above, the most important issue I will personally fight for in the State Assembly will be Access to Justice. I have unique experience, education, and passion to lead on this issue.

“Improved access to justice means fighting to establish an expanded expunction system – the ability to erase out-dated non-violent criminal convictions. Our current expunction system is not broad enough, and I will fight to expand it for persons of all ages and offense dates.

“Access to justice also means fighting to reduce the prison population of Wisconsin by investing in increased community-based treatment. I will also fight to increase the use of specialized courts including a Veterans Court and the already existing and successful Milwaukee County Drug Treatment Court.

“I will also work to establish the right to an attorney in certain civil cases – like evictions and foreclosures. A person who cannot afford a lawyer should not face these important civil cases alone.

“Access to justice is the most important issue facing many residents in the 18th District. For many, improving our justice system has an economic, educational, and ethical impact. Too many neighbors and friends become entangled in the system at a young age and are held back for decades.

“We must improve the justice system – and I am the candidate that will do it.

“I am proud to be endorsed by County Supervisor Russell Stamper II, American Federation of Teachers, Service Employees International Union (dual endorsement), Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Care Professionals, Wisconsin Hospital Association – PAC, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, and Clean Wisconsin Action Fund.

“Since graduating from Marquette University Law School, I have served Milwaukee as a Trial Attorney in the Office of the State Public Defender and as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Marquette, teaching Milwaukee Street Law. My experience in both fields has prepared me for service in the State Assembly.

“I am committed to the growth and prosperity of Milwaukee’s great neighborhoods. I am proud to own my home near the intersection of North 27th and W. State Streets, in the Historic Concordia Neighborhood.

“In addition, I have also served with several community organizations like the United Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am a member of St. Rose of Lima and St. Michael’s Catholic Parishes.


LaShawndra Vernon

LaShawndra Vernon is a Milwaukee native and an active defender of human rights in the city. She has over 20 years of experience in outreach and education and is a third generation human rights activist.

LaShawndra is an advocate for several populations; in health care, youth and young adults, economic development, human rights, and seniors and she currently serves as Chair of the Milwaukee County Human Trafficking Task Force.

LaShawndra’s goal is to represent those in need of support while encouraging self advocacy.

She is focused on Restorative Justice and specializes in Community Mediation as a member of the National Association for Community Mediation since 2010. Education is one of the vital keys to success in all aspects of life. For this reason she is compelled to educate communities.

This goal has solidified her relationships with public service organizations and educational institutions. LaShawndra conducts training in Conflict Transformation, Proactive Communication, and providing excellent services to victims of crime.

LaShawndra brings a solutions oriented approach to change. Her priority will be to listen to the people of the 18th District and work with the community to present their solutions to the Assembly with passion and rigor.

LaShawndra recently received the Changemaker Award from Public Allies Milwaukee, and the Wisconsin Grassroots Activist of the Year from the Women’s Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in 2010.

Why are you running for office?

“I have served as an advocate for disadvantaged populations for over 20 years. I have worked as a case manager and primary investigator on community health studies.

“I have lobbied for health care, education, women’s equality, and human rights. It is time to move to the next level of service. As a leader in public awareness and community lead planning, I bring fresh and energetic leadership the table. The 18th Assembly district of Milwaukee needs to have a voice unafraid to speak truth to power. We need some fire in the assembly.

What is the most important issue to tackle?

“The cuts to public education have demolished the school system. As a product of public schools this deprivation of human rights needs to be addressed so all our educational institutions are restored to their previous brilliance.

“As a proud graduate of Rufus King High School I was given an opportunity to explore my talents and aspire to lead in unique ways. When I attended Rufus King we were amongst the top high schools in the nation. If we improve the public school systems and ensure that public and private educations are equally funded we will improve community relationships through schools.

Improving the schools instead of closing them down is where we need to start. Encouraging family investment in education that creates life long learners is a matter of public interest. It must become our first priority.

“If we expect our youth to become productive members of society we must give them all the tools necessary to do so. Cutting the public system and robbing the budgets doesn’t create balance.

“We must work together to educate all children, not just fight to get the best for our own while ignoring the needs of youth that may not have someone to fight on their behalf. It takes many villages to create a whole community. It’s time to find a balanced solution to meet the needs and interests of the entire community as it pertains to education. The fight needs to end.”


Ty Jackson

Ty Jackson a single mother to one son who is a graduate of MPS, he then went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in fine Arts from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Ty Jackson is a member of the Providence Baptist Church where Rev. Joe A Games, Sr. is her pastor over 22 years.

There she served as Sunday School Teacher, Children church Teacher, Youth Director, church historian and clerk.

Ty Jackson passion has always been the welfare of young people she serves as the current Youth Director of the Wisconsin General Baptist State Convention, Inc. its membership includes over 30 churches in Milwaukee, Racine, Beloit and Kenosha.

Jackson is a former small business owner of Stanford Benefits and Financial services which she held a series 7and 63 license, also a health and Life Insurance license. Jackson was also coowner of Polly’s Pots catering company.

Jackson has over 20 years in management. She holds an Associate Degree in Paralegal from Milwaukee Area Technical College. She received her bachelor’s degree from Concordia University.

“The thing that compelled me to run for office was a deep sense of responsibility for my family’s future, our children and our community. My family has lived in this neighborhood over 30years and I see that Milwaukee is bleeding with crime, poverty due to unemployment or underemployment and a band-aide is not the answer.

“Voters are getting fed up, and looking for a leader with a good work ethic, integrity, and dedication to their community. The 18th district is looking for a leader to execute the duties of a legislator and make a difference. The 18th district needs revitalization to bring pride back to our neighborhood. I am that catalyst for change.

Community Involvement

WGBSC (Wisconsin General Baptist Convention, Inc.) Youth Director

Christian Educator

Am I My Brother’s Keeper

Youth Mentor/Tutor

(BWN) Black Women Network

Grantosa Drive Read-In

MICAH (Milwaukee Inner city Congregations Allied for Hope)

Eastern Star Ruth chapter 539










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