Assembly Republicans Say Discrimination is OK

Written by admin   // February 20, 2012   // 0 Comments

MADISON – The Assembly is scheduled to vote on legislation that would repeal the Equal Pay Enforcement Act, passed two years ago to address the income disparity between women and men doing the same work. Representative Leon D. Young (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement in response:

“Employers who discriminate should be punished. By removing the ability for victims of discrimination to receive compensatory and punitive damages, we are telling employers that paying women and other minorities less pay for equal work is illegal but not deserving of punishment. Republicans are once again bowing to corporate interests that view discrimination laws a thorn in their side.

“Since the Equal Pay Enforcement Act was passed, Wisconsin has seen great improvement in income disparity between men and women. As a legislative body, we should be striving to continue that trend. Equality should not be a partisan value and any legislation that makes discrimination easier is just wrong.”

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