August 14 is primary election day!

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There are a number of important races coming in three weeks that will impact our community economically, healthcare-wise, educationally and politically, especially as it relates to the November presidential election.

This election will test the newly redrawn state Senate and Assembly districts, which includes several predominately Black districts in which White candidates are vying for those seats.

The White candidates have sparked a heated debate in our community as to whether or not a non-Black candidate can win in a district that is still predominately Black; if Black voters should vote for someone based on color or credentials and ability; as well as if a White candidate can relate to and advocate on the behalf of Black constituents their issues in the legislative chambers of the state capitol.

Just as we did several months ago during the mayoral and city and county elections, your Community Journal has again reached out to candidates for this election to share with you–our readers–in their own words who they are, why they are running for state Sentate and Assembly, and what two issues they will tackle if elected that will help improve conditions in our community.

Fifteen candidates (incumbents and challengers) responded to our request. Their answers and brief bios begin at right. We hope this special Election Watch focus will help you decide who will best represent you in Madison.








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