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— In new book, author Angela Powell says Pharaoh Akhenaton uses her to take readers on a spiritual journey to explore the biblical precepts that allow outer space captivity. He then asks the question, “Since the Bible condones captivity, how do you obtain manumission?” Using dreams and visions, an answer is given – but it is so disturbing that it causes the author to undergo mental illness. —


Griffin, GA ( — Known as the heretic King and revolutionary, first-time author Angela Powell claims that Pharaoh Akhenaton manifests himself to guide her through a sixteen-year journey wherein God teaches her about the biblical principles that allow slavery to perpetually exist. Spiritual Bipolar: God Is The Peace In Your Heart That Calms The Voices Above Your Head is the author’s memoirs that chart every step of the ordeal.

Powell follows Pharaoh Akhenaton on a spiritual quest to record dreams and visions that begin on Azusa Street, and that are downloaded into her psyche like scenes from The Matrix. Angela sees the Black nation in chains of bondage. A war rages beneath them in which dark forces try to keep them in captivity; and a war rages above them in which God fights from Heaven to free the redeemed of His people from bondage. These visions are so mentally debilitating that they cause Angela to develop bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies.

According to Powell, through prayer and intense research, God shows her that her vision foretells of the Devil’s demonic plans to continue slavery on the planet Mars. Her book of witness tells all – from Noah’s Old Testament curse against Canaan/Ham to Revelation’s New Testament of the final wars between good and evil, light and darkness, in order for God to set His people free.

To keep the author from alerting her race that captivity on Mars is imminent, using violent tactics, the Devil attempts to keep the author in a state of paranoia. Whether asleep or awake, the Devil constantly attacks the author, and she must actively fight for her life in an alternate spirit-world. The Devil is subdued long enough for the author to complete her book of witness, which God will use to teleport the reader into a spiritual journey wherein he or she must decide: Is Pharaoh Akhenaton teaching the author a truthful doctrine? Or, is her bout with mental illness trapping her inside a distorted reality that only she can see and hear?

Spiritual Bipolar: God Is The Peace In Your Heart That Calms The Voices Above Your Head by Angela Powell is available online at

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