Author Imafi explores the complex lives of two young women who fall in love, against the wishes of their prominent Newport News church families in ‘Family Affairs’

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — In “Family Affairs” (ISBN 1466458062), Imafi narrates a family saga that spans two continents and a tender relationship between two women that challenges both their families.

The novel begins in the early childhood years of Samoa Shackles and Alice Riodiaz. Even as grade school friends, the two realize they have a passionate bond that will only evolve as they move through adolescence and early adulthood. Both women have parents who have influential statuses within their community and would have a difficult time coming to terms with what the two girls have already accepted.

Samoa traces her roots to Ghana. While her father, Pastor Shackles, was conducting a humanitarian mission in Kumasi, Ghana, he met his wife, Florence. In grade school, Samoa realized her unique bond with Alice, the daughter of Dr. Precious Riodiaz Dansford, the church’s music director. As young women, they attempt to push aside their same-sex attractions in the name of preserving their families’ church reputations. When the girls’ relationship eventually comes to light, both families must come to grips with their daughters’ homosexuality.

The family turbulence almost derails Samoa and Alice’s relationship. This is further complicated when Alice is raped by her college professor. As the story progresses, both educated families will be rocked by scandals concerning betrayal, suicide and unplanned pregnancies. Over time, they will draw on the resources of their faith and their African culture to sustain them.

A gripping mixture of romance and erotica, tradition and tolerance, this family saga shows just how far acceptance and respect can go in keeping love alive. A story of family love, forgiveness and perseverance, “Family Affairs” is a fully realized novel of a relationship whose true affection transcends race, religion and gender.

“Family Affairs” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Imafi was born in Nigeria. He earned a bachelor’s in accounting from Norfolk State University and a master’s in business administration from the College of William and Mary. Imafi is a certified public accountant and runs his own accounting practice in Hampton, Va. This is his first novel.

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