Baldwin Highlights Choice at Milwaukee Rotary

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Wisconsin deserves a Senator who believes we need more compromise in Washington, not less.”

Speaking at the Milwaukee Rotary luncheon today, Tammy Baldwin said Wisconsin voters face a clear choice over the next 50 days before the November 6th election.

Wisconsin deserves a Senator who believes we need more compromise in Washington, not less,” Baldwin said, “We have to make tough choices, but my opponent’s insistence on ‘no compromise’ politics and tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires will actually make the federal debt worse and jeopardize the future of our country by increasing the burden on the middle class and driving our economy off a cliff.”

Baldwin has a strong record of supporting tax cuts for small business and middle class families in Wisconsin. She is also the lead sponsor of the Buffett Rule that requires millionaires to pay at least the same tax rate as the middle class. In addition, Baldwin supports eliminating tax breaks for companies that outsource and would instead give companies a tax cut for creating jobs in America.

Highlighting her record of working across party lines, Baldwin spoke about her work to introduce and pass bipartisan legislation to take on China’s unfair trade practices and strengthen Wisconsin’s manufacturing economy by evening the playing field for workers in our state. Together, with Fox Valley Congressman Reid Ribble, she introduced the CHEATS Act, which would allow the U.S. to impose countervailing duties on Chinese imports that are heavily subsidized by the Chinese government.

Give our workers and businesses a fair shot, and we’ll compete against anyone. That’s why I’m taking on China’s cheating – and betting on Wisconsin,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin spoke to Rotarians about how both parties could work together to reduce spending and cut the deficit.

It’s time to put politics aside and get serious about confronting the federal deficit,” Baldwin said, “That means, first, we need to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. Next, I would get rid of the giveaways to drug companies that forces high prescription drug costs under Medicare. Finally, support making millionaires pay their fair share of taxes, ending tax loopholes for corporations that ship our jobs overseas, and ending corporate welfare for oil companies.”





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