Batteries Plus of Milwaukee Encourages Customers to Commit to Battery Recycling

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America Recycles Day shines the spotlight on retailer’s battery recycling program

(Grassroots Newswire) Stop a moment and think about the number of devices you use each day that are battery powered or have a battery back-up. Your cell phone, computer, alarm clock, MP3 players, portable tools and more all depend upon some type of battery to operate – the average household uses 21 such battery operated devices. And when all those batteries die, many of us don’t think twice and just simply toss them in the trash. Batteries Plus of Milwaukee wants to change that.

Batteries Plus specializes in selling battery products and accessories, and also in battery recycling. In fact, Batteries Plus’ goal is to be a net collector of batteries, recycling more batteries than it sells.  This year, Batteries Plus of Milwaukee is asking customers to celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15 by making a commitment to recycle their used batteries.

According to the EPA, each year consumers purchase more than three billion dry cell batteries. These batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel that can leach out of landfills into soil, groundwater, rivers, lakes and streams. Recycling batteries not only protects the environment, it preserves our natural resources since the recovered plastic and metals can be used to make new batteries.

“A single battery may seem like an insignificant piece of household trash,” says Mike Yahnke of Batteries Plus of Milwaukee. “But discarded batteries account for 88 percent of the mercury and 54 percent of the cadmium deposited into our landfills. Every battery reclaimed through our recycling program helps to reduce those percentages.”

In the past year alone, the more than 425 Batteries Plus stores in 44 states and Puerto Rico recycled more than 27 million pounds of lead acid batteries, and more than 850,000 pounds of all other chemistries including alkaline, lithium ion, NiCd, and others.

All Batteries Plus stores offer recycling for the rechargeable batteries used in cordless phones, cordless tools, two way radios, camcorders, bar code scanners, digital cameras, cell phones and laptops as well as the batteries used in cars, trucks, emergency lighting, watches, hearing aids, and many other devices.

In addition to recycling the batteries that power them, Batteries Plus of Milwaukee recycles many of the electronic devices themselves, including laptops, cell/smart phones, iPod/MP3 players, pagers, portable tools, power cords, handheld games, and other devices.

“This year, we hope that everyone will celebrate America Recycles Day by joining us in the fight to help preserve and protect our natural resources and environment for the generations to come,” said Yahnke. “Together, we can reduce hazardous waste in our landfills and help stop harmful chemicals from polluting our soil and our water.”

For more information about the Batteries Plus battery recycling program, please contact Batteries Plus of Milwaukee at (414) 354-5955 or

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