Be Sure to Recycle Old Electronics This Holiday Season

Written by admin   // December 28, 2010   // 0 Comments

Milwaukee — As people begin to toss out old electronics and play with the new set of high-tech gadgets they received over the holiday season, Wired Wisconsin is reminding consumers to recycle their old electronic devices.

“It’s clear just by the bonus buys that stores offered on Black Friday and this past weekend, that high-tech gadgets are again a hot buy this holiday season,” said Thad Nation, Executive Director of Wired Wisconsin. “It’s important that as people prepare to dispose of their old gadgets, however, they remember that Wisconsin law requires that those devices be recycled.”

The E-Cycle Wisconsin program is the electronics waste recycling law that took effect September 1st.  Among the devices covered by the law that need to be recycled are computers, printers, video displays, computer peripherals, fax machines, DVD players, and cell phones.

“For every computer, DVD player, or other electronic device that’s recycled, we’re able to recover reusable components and prevent hazardous substances from polluting our environment,” said Nation.

More information on the law and a list of collection sites are available at

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