Behold the beauty of the Holy Week

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As you receive this message Christians around the world will be entering into the holiest days of the Church Year—Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. And for us, these days are not a re-enactment of what happened over two thousand years ago. No, we enter into the Death and Resurrection of Christ and share in his sufferings and rising from the dead.

On Holy Thursday night we gather as a community and read from Exodus (12; 1-8, 11-14) how our ancestors remembered their Passover from slavery to freedom. And they remembered as they shared a meal. And an important part of the meal was unleavened bread and wine.

The Epistle for the evening comes from First Corinthians (11:23-26) where Paul describes what the Apostles and Jesus did the night before the arrest and crucifixion. They ate the Passover meal and then Jesus added what has come down to us as the Holy Eucharist where He shared his very self in the form of bread and wine. He commanded the disciples to break bread and drink the cup after he left them as a tangible way for them to keep Christ close to them until he comes again.

Holy Thursday night is also when we re-enact the Washing of the Feet. The pastor washes the feet of 12 people. After washing the feet the pastor kisses them as a sign of how a minister of the Gospel is to act toward those whom he shepherds.

On Good Friday at 7PM we gather again to solemnly proclaim the Passion according to St. John (18:1-19:42). It is an introspective time. We reflect on the great gift Jesus gives us as he dies for us. The gift is not only his death, but also the way he died—without retribution, non-violently, able to ask His Father to forgive those who participated in his execution. And that includes all of us.

On Holy Saturday night at 8PM we come together to hold a vigil as we await the Rising of Christ from the dead. It is a holy night as we gather around the Easter Candle and see in the beautiful light the Resurrected Christ, present among us again. And, of course, we celebrate the Eucharist where again Christ becomes intently present to us in the breaking of the bread and sharing of the cup.

And on Easter Day we come again to confess our faith and love in the Christ who saved us from ourselves and now lives within us. Easter is a special day and one we should keep holy.

On behalf of all the members of All Saints Catholic Church I send greeting in the Name of the Risen Lord.

Please join us on Easter Sunday at either 8AM or 10:30AM at 4051 N. 25th Street, in the heart of the city.

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