Bestowing of the Kente REUNION at Alverno College

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Alverno College is seeking all past recipients of the Kente Cloth stole to participate in upcoming celebration

Eighteen years ago a ceremony was created for students of African descent to receive a Kente Cloth stole as a part of graduation.  Over the years more than 400 women have received the Kente cloth. 

In honor of Alverno’s 125th Anniversary Celebration, the Cultural Education Center is hosting an informal gathering of Bestowing of the Kente participants and friends to reconnect during the Homecoming Week. 

Reunion organizers recognize the gifts and talents of Alverno graduates and hope to encourage a way to give back to those within and outside of the Alverno community.  Past recipients and guests are asked to wear African attire or accessories in the spirit of our global world, as we enjoy light refreshments, music, and camaraderie!

The reunion will take place Friday, October 5 at the Alverno College Art Gallery from 7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. For more information contact: Adekola Adedapo at 414-382-6022 or Celia  Jackson at 414-382-6012








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