Black Family Drought

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by G.Maajida Abdullah

Mom, what happened to me?

You and Dad made plenty of money.

I had everything. Home, clothes, X-Box

Even a diamond ring.

But we kids were on our own.

You and Dad were hardly ever home.

You didn’t want to get fired;

And you came home so tired.

What’s for dinner? Oh McDonald’s –

That’s a winner.

Fast food and TV.

Didn’t have many nutrients.

They left me mentally and physically deficient.

You knew they weren’t sufficient.

In books, I fell behind.

In sports, I had no energy to shine.

So I dropped out of school,

Hung out with fools, got laid

Made money. Yeah, I got paid.

Of course, I ended up in jail.

Come to think of it, not one of us kids did well.

Mom, dad – this is your legacy.

You cared more about that job,

Than raising me.

I am an uncultured branch

That withered off our family tree.

Individuals outside our community have categorized us as “Lazarus,” the “Walking Dead” and the “Dry Bones.” The bones are dry because they have no water (moral life — an element necessary for life). Our stint with slavery for over 400 years has dehydrated that water out of us.

Those who suffer the most are the children. The cornerstone of the family and the Black Man’s helpmate has been stripped from them. As a result, all the family members have to fend for themselves.

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Integration in the schools, equal opportunity for women in the workplace, welfare designed for a minority of people and birth control are invariably the ploy of divide and conquer.

Integration was really the separation of unity and power within the African American community. It left our children to be on an educational island in a sea dominated by a hostile majority.

The children’s teachers overtly and covertly undermining their positive image by way of educational material that lacked a true teaching of African history and a repressed social status relegated to them, all but extinguished that hope for something better that we tried to instill in them.

The non-acceptance of their peers socially left them, like a drop of water in an ocean of hostility trying to survive – it was almost possible except for the intervention of the All Mighty, Himself.

Was it possible to feel secure with no one at home to advocate for the children. The mother was worried about losing her job. Could she take off work to come to school and investigate the conditions plaguing her children?

Many times the mother would be angry for the aggravation and take the position of the teacher against the children who was unable to express the invisible forces acting against them.

All too often, the mother gets too involved in a workplace social life. The bowling teams, free drinks between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. after work, etc., are all a result of a planned detriment enticing the women to seek relief from stress and the illusion of love fulfillment.

If her husband objects; she rebels. She is the one who brings home the bread. He can’t tell her what to do; so he leaves.

The African American community is trained by the sale factor to run and give any and all money back to big business, which consumes their wealth.

The community goes there willingly with pride. “I gave the Master my money – see it’s got his name on it.”

They ignore their community businessmen. When we were segregated, we had wealth within our community and a good relationship and respect for our community businessmen and women.

The uneducated and unemployed had to break and separate in order to get the benefit of the program that was so-called welfare, but was designed to be against the positive welfare—benefit—of the African American family.

This action let the male off the hook so that his family could receive “survival scraps.” All the while, these systems are leaving the children defenseless, the wife accessible and vulnerable which, subsequently, leaves the man weak and leading a life of no responsibility. An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop. His nature becomes the drive of his purpose and all becomes lost.

The planned infanticide of the African American child is another effective weapon used against the African American woman.

The fashion industry undresses her, all nationalities of men have access to her, she is free to fraternize and the health industry gives her birth control pills that sterilize or causes cancer.

If she gets pregnant, she can kill the baby – it’s legal. In fact 50% of every Black child conceived is killed by abortion, miscarriage and/or some kind of medical situation at birth or shortly after. This is the state of our most educated (conditioned) women.

Most have been left sterile and/or without a husband. The break of family is the greatest weapon enacted against our community’s power. Wake up my people and come out of the desert. And please! Bring your family with you.


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